Absolutely the attorney you need!

Justin Spizman is hands-down, without a doubt, the most effective, efficient, and experienced lawyer in his field. He took my unfortunate DUI situation by the horns and guided me through it with ease. I hired him after seeing him in action in the courtroom on my first court appearance. I wasn’t sure if I was going to hire an attorney or not. The way he represented his clients and his presence in the courtroom could not go unnoticed. Many things set him apart from the other attorneys I observed…especially that his background in not just in DUI defense, but he also used to be a prosecutor. With a long list of qualifications, Justin is highly respected and recognized by every judge, lawyer, and member of the courtroom staff. Everyone know his name and is glad to see him which really eases the tension in the courtroom. If you are of the few who don’t already know him as the best lawyer in the state of GA, do not hesitate to make your introduction. You will not be disappointed!!!


Hawkins Spizman

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