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When someone is charged with a serious offense such as burglary, they should consider their options carefully. Since this type of offense is charged as a felony, individuals should do what they can to avoid having a felony conviction on their criminal record.

If you are charged with burglary and are hoping to avoid a conviction or perhaps have the charge reduced or dismissed, you could improve your chances by scheduling a consultation with a Sandy Springs burglary lawyer. One of our knowledgeable attorneys at Hawkins Spizman will take the time to speak with you about your charge and inform you of the defenses applicable to your case. Call today to get started.

Degrees of Burglary under Georgia Law

Title 16, chapter 7, Article 1 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated describes burglary as entering or remaining within a structure or vessel without authority and with intent to commit a felony or theft inside. Burglary is classified as either first-degree or second-degree depending on whether the structure or vehicle in question serves as a dwelling place. Both offenses qualify as felonies, and for a fourth or subsequent conviction of either, no suspension, probation, or deferment of the sentence may be done by the trial court.

A first conviction of burglary in the second degree carries a penalty of imprisonment of one to five years; a subsequent conviction a sentence of one to eight years. A first conviction of first-degree burglary carries a sentence of one to twenty years; a second conviction a sentence of two to twenty years; and a third or subsequent conviction a sentence of five to twenty-five years. Someone facing a burglary charge, especially after a prior conviction, could gain substantial benefit from discussing their case with a Sandy Springs burglary attorney

Smash and Grab Burglary

The felony of smash and grab burglary occurs when someone intentionally, without authority, and with intent to commit theft enters any retail establishment, including a restaurant, and causes more than $500 in damage without the owner’s consent. A first conviction results in a fine of up to $100,000, imprisonment for two to twenty years, or both. A subsequent conviction results in a fine of up to $100,000, imprisonment for five to twenty years, or both.

As you can see, any burglary crime may carry a substantial penalty. Someone who faces a charge could find relief in discussing their case with a burglary attorney in Sandy Springs who has experience defending individuals charged with smash and grab and other burglary offenses.

Speak with a Sandy Springs Burglary Attorney Today

Do not let your uneasiness about a burglary charge deter you from doing the sensible thing. A serious charge demands a serious defense, and the sooner you begin talking to an attorney, the sooner you can start gathering informed responses to the unanswered questions underlying your anxiety.

Depending on the circumstances, prosecuting a burglary case may present difficult challenges that an experienced defense attorney could direct to your advantage.

Schedule a consultation appointment with a Sandy Springs burglary lawyer who could make a difference in your case.


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