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Charges for sex crimes can have serious and lasting effects. If you are facing penalties for these type of offenses, you may have several concerns regarding penalties, personal relationships, and your reputation, let alone the prospect of jail and a criminal record.

Remember that the process ahead begins with a presumption of innocence. A consultation with a Sandy Springs sex crimes lawyer could reveal strategies for preventing a “guilty” verdict, pleading to a lesser charge, or some other outcome you find preferable to a conviction.

Sex Offenses in Sandy Springs

The City Code of Sandy Springs, Georgia, Section §38-118, makes it an offense to keep a place of prostitution, solicit another for a sexual act in public, or solicit another to perform a sexual act. Section 16-6-9 of the Official Code of Georgia  defines prostitution as a person 18 years of age or older performing or consenting to perform a sexual act for money or other items of value. It also contains prohibition similar to that of Sandy Springs against keeping a place of prostitution.

Under §26-29 of the city code, no adult entertainer or other person may engage in sexual activities on the premises of an adult establishment or commit an act of public indecency as described in §36-60-3, which makes such ordinances permissible. Private rooms within adult establishments in Sandy Springs are also prohibited under §26-29. Someone facing a charge under one of these local ordinances should seek a Sandy Springs sex crimes lawyer to discuss possibilities such as seeking to have the charge dismissed, or possibly reduced.

Types of Sexual Offense

Rape is included in the sexual offenses delineated in the Official Code of Georgia §16-6-1 and requires penetration of a female sex organ by a male sex organ, whether or not the parties are married, against the female’s will or when the female is less than ten years old. Penalties for rape in Georgia are severe, ranging from 25 years in prison followed by life on probation to imposition of the death penalty. Georgia also has an offense for sodomy, which requires a sex act involving “the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another,” and for aggravated sodomy, which includes force or a person less than ten years of age.

Soliciting someone to perform an act of prostitution for oneself or another person or assembling others at a place to be solicited for prostitution is classified in the Official Code of Georgia §16-6-12 as pandering. Offering to procure a prostitute or arrange a meeting between a prostitute and another person is classified as pimping pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia §16-6-11 , which may also exist if one knowingly directs someone someplace for the purpose of prostitution, receives money from a prostitute with knowledge that it was earned in prostitution, or assisting prostitution in some way with the purpose of dividing the profits. A first conviction for any of these crimes is punished as some level of misdemeanor, and a subsequent conviction for pandering or pimping is a felony resulting in imprisonment for one to ten years.

Sexual Offender Registry

The Official Code of Georgia §42-1-12 requires registration with the Georgia Sexual Offender Registry if someone, since July 1996, was convicted or may be released for a criminal offense against a minor, a dangerous sexual offense, or a sexually violent offense. The registry review board assigns individuals to risk-assessment classifications: level one, level two, and sexually dangerous predator (which involves wearing a monitoring device). Each county makes the names and identifying information of local registrants available at the sheriff’s office, at the office of the clerk of the superior court, on the county sheriff’s website, and in a number of other public places.

After completing all imprisonment, probation, and parole after a conviction, one may petition for release from registration requirements, but release results under specific, limited circumstances. Someone facing a charge may benefit from meeting with a sex crimes attorney in Sandy Springs to discuss the potential for decreasing the repercussions of their charge.

Speak with a Sandy Springs Sex Crimes Attorney

When charged with a sex crime, you may be wondering about how a conviction could impact your future. Considering the significant penalties you may be facing, it is in your best interest to find out how to mitigate the accusations made against you.

For professional legal insight, contact a Sandy Springs sex crimes lawyer for help. An attorney could review the details of your case and provide you with the insight necessary for building a solid defense. To get started, be sure to schedule a consultation today.


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