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While the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, there are a variety of state-level restrictions on gun ownership that you should be aware of. Failure to abide by state laws regarding the possession, brandishing, and discharging of deadly weapons can lead to severe criminal consequences, including significant fines and even jail time.

If you find yourself facing gun-related charges of any kind, your first move should be to get in touch with a qualified Sandy Springs gun lawyer. A seasoned criminal defense attorney could help you understand the specific allegations against you and work to construct a comprehensive defense strategy for your case.

Licensing Requirements

Georgia state law allows for the concealed carrying of firearms, provided that the firearm’s owner has a concealed carry permit from either Georgia or one of the 32 other states with which Georgia holds concealed carry reciprocity. Permits are valid for five years and may be applied for online or through a physical form from a county’s probate court.

Concealed carry permits in Georgia may be issued to anyone who meets the following prerequisites:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Lawful U.S. citizenship or legal alien status,
  • Residence in the county where the application is filed,
  • No prior criminal convictions for drug distribution or manufacturing, misdemeanor drug possession or illegal weapon possession within five years, or any type of felony,
  • No hospitalization for mental health and/or alcohol or drug issues within five years, at the judge’s discretion, and;
  • No revocation of a previous gun license within three years

However, it should be noted that Official Code of Georgia §16-11-127 establishes several areas where concealed carry is not allowed even with a permit, including but not limited to school safety zones, courthouses, prisons, and within 150 feet of any polling place during an election. A Sandy Springs gun lawyer could offer further clarification about what particular actions may constitute criminal gun offenses in the state of Georgia.

Misdemeanor and Felony Gun Charges

It is legal to possess a gun on your own property without a license, but O.C.G.A. §16-11-126(i) states that any unlicensed person found to be carrying a gun in public may be charged with a misdemeanor for a first offense. Additional gun-related offenses which may result in misdemeanor charges include:

  • Pointing a loaded or unloaded gun at someone else without legal justification
  • Firing a gun on private property without the property owner’s consent
  • Firing a gun while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Endangering the safety of others while hunting

If someone has been convicted of carrying a gun in public without a license before, any subsequent offense of the same kind would be charged as a felony punishable by two to five years’ imprisonment. Other felony gun offenses established under Georgia state law include:

  • Giving a gun to a minor outside of special circumstances
  • Possessing or creating a counterfeit concealed carry license
  • Asking a legal gun dealer to give a gun to someone other than the person who bought it

No matter what type or level of gun charge a defendant is facing in Sandy Springs, a qualified lawyer could help them explore their legal options and pursue the best possible outcome.

Learn More from a Sandy Springs Gun Attorney

The possession of firearms is a dangerous undertaking and it is very important to abide by both state and federal laws. Fortunately, a Sandy Springs gun lawyer may be able to help if you find yourself accused of violating any such laws. Schedule an initial consultation by calling today.


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