Sandy Springs Failure to Appear Lawyer

Did you fail to appear in court in Sandy Springs for a traffic citation or any other violation of the law?  Sandy Spring courts take a defendant’s failure to appear for criminal or traffic violations very seriously. Except in limited circumstances, courts do not readily excuse absences. The law is strict, and penalties could be severe for people who miss their court dates.

However, hiring a skilled Sandy Springs failure to appear lawyer could help bring resolution to the issue. An attorney could listen to your explanation for missing court, and advise you about how best to proceed under the circumstances.

Penalties for Failing to Appear in Sandy Springs

Even if unintentional, a person’s failure to appear could increase the charges pending against them and curry disfavor with the judge. Additionally, a judge is authorized to take specific action if a person fails to show to their appointed court date.

Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 40-13-63, a person who fails to appear on the time and date of their court appearance may be jailed for three days or fined $200. A person could also forfeit their bail bond for failure to appear.

Bench Warrants for Missing a Court Date

If a person was properly notified of their court date, a judge could choose to issue a bench warrant for their arrest. If a bench warrant is issued, any law enforcement officer with jurisdiction may and will arrest the person sought. After that, the arresting officer will take them into custody, and the court may or may not grant bail. Consulting a Sandy Springs failure to appear in court lawyer could help mitigate the defendant’s situation should they face serious consequences as a result of the missed court date.

Failure to Appear in Traffic Citation Cases

In addition to the possible penalty of jail time and fines, a person could have their driver’s license suspended for failing to appear. For some minor traffic citations, paying the fine before a court date is sufficient to terminate the need to appear. If a person pays a citation penalty but is unsure of whether or not they are still due in court, they could consult a Sandy Springs failure to appear attorney to clear up the confusion.

If a person neither pays nor appears, the likely result is that the court will suspend their driver’s license. More egregious traffic citations, such as driving under the influence or fleeing the scene of an accident, always require the person charged to appear in court.

Call a Sandy Springs Failure to Appear Attorney Today

When you inadvertently miss a court date, it does not mean that your case is doomed. An experienced attorney could tactfully work to repair the situation. Though it may not always be possible to eliminate the effect of a failure to appear completely, an attorney could strive to improve your situation.

Due to the stiff penalties associated with a failure to appear, consulting an attorney as soon as possible is advisable. If you have missed a court appearance, contact a Sandy Springs failure to appear lawyer today to discuss your case.


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