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Young people today are burdened by many stresses, such as trying to enroll in the school of their choosing as well as maintaining other responsibilities and perhaps even a part-time job. Although some young people try their best to steer clear of situations that could harm their future, the opportunity for bad-decision making is always around, and no young person should have their future affected by a single mistake.

Reach out to one of our local attorneys at Hawkins Spizman if you or your child is facing a charge for underage drinking and driving. A Sandy Springs underage DUI lawyer could help lessen the severity of the offense and potentially have it affect your future altogether. Call today to get started.

DUI Laws for Individuals Under 21

The laws for driving while impaired are the same for individuals over 21 and under 21. There is, however, an important distinction in the “legal limit” for the underage driver. The legal limit for individuals over 21 is 0.08, whereas the legal limit for underage drivers is 0.02. This low limit means that there is effectively zero tolerance when it comes to underage drinking and driving. As a result, any indication of alcohol in their system would likely lead to an arrest and prosecution. In addition, any underage driver under charged with DUI could be charged with underaged possession of alcohol by consumption since they illegally consumed alcohol.

License Repercussions Following a DUI Conviction

If an underage driver is convicted of a DUI, they would not be eligible for a driver’s permit. If the underage driver already has their license, they would lose their license for six months if their BAC level is above .02 but below .08 and for 12 months if their alcohol level is above .08.

How can an Underage DUI Impact a Person’s Future?

A DUI can impact a person’s future in many ways. If the underage driver is getting ready to apply for college, a DUI conviction could harm their chances of getting into the school they want. A DUI conviction could also impact a person’s efforts in getting a job for the rest of their life. As opposed to an older driver who may have already established themselves, a DUI charge at a young age could prove more than troublesome for a person trying to jump-start their professional career.

What are the Available Alternatives to Going to Jail?

First-time DUI defendants are unlikely to receive a jail sentence beyond 24 hours in custody, which is mandated. The judge overseeing their case would take into account how much time the arrested individual spent in jail following their arrest and could potentially count that as their jail sentence.

In addition to losing their license, underage drivers could instead find themselves in a position where they have to complete community service, probations, educational classes, and home confinement.

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When people are young, they are prone to making mistakes. Although a criminal charge at an early age can be more than just a mistake, no young person should have to suffer for the rest of their life because of a bad decision they made early on in life. In regards to a DUI offense, if left unmitigated, a conviction could cause the underage driver to live a less-than-normal life.

If you or your child has been charged with a DUI offense, get in touch with an attorney today. A Sandy Springs underage DUI lawyer could review the circumstances of your case and help you work towards a favorable resolution.


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