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The majority of driving under the influence offenses involve alcohol. However, a person could still be charged with a DUI if they were under the influence of a drug. Although it is more difficult to determine if a person is under the influence of a drug, a person could still be convicted if their blood sample contains traces of drugs following an arrest.

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Prosecuting a Drug-DUI Offense

Drug-related DUI charges are much more difficult to prosecute in comparison to a DUI involving alcohol since most police officers do not have specialized training in drug detection. As a result, the conviction rate for drug DUI’s is lower than that of alcohol. Additionally, the state must prove the category or type of drug and whether the drug impaired the individual. In cases involving prescriptions, the arrested individual may have a valid prescription for the drug in their system, but usually it is in either therapeutic levels or trace amounts.

Are Drug DUI Stops Different from a Standard DUI Stop?

The investigative process of a drug DUI is slightly different. Police officers have a number of different tests that they might perform on someone that is potentially under the influence of drugs. For example, a defendant would most likely not take a breath test, but take a chemical test instead. In a chemical test, a person would have to give law enforcement a sample of their blood or urine. However, it is important to note that the results from a blood test are not entirely accurate either. For example, in cases involving prescription medications, a person may have trace amounts of a drug due to their medication. In this case, it would be important to have a prescription note in possession in the event a traffic stop for a DUI occurs.

DUI Involving Over-the-Counter Drugs

Although it is unlikely, a person could fall under the influence of an over-the-counter medication. Such medications would include allergy medication or cold medication that would have some drowsy effect. In some cases, a person may have mixed the medication with alcohol, potentially increasing the likelihood of a person being under the influence.

Reach out to a Sandy Springs Drug DUI Attorney Today

Being convicted of a drug-related DUI offense could bring about consequences that you may not be ready to endure. In addition to a potential license suspension, requirement to complete community service hours, and attending driver’s education courses, convicted individuals would have to live with the stigma of having a criminal conviction for the rest of their lives.

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