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Making plans with another person to carry out a specific crime and then taking steps in preparation for committing the crime is illegal and is referred to as criminal conspiracy. It does not matter if the actual crime being planned was never carried out. You could still be convicted for criminal conspiracy whether the target offense ever occurred.

Contact a Sandy Springs conspiracy lawyer for representation right away if you are under investigation for conspiring to commit a crime. A knowledgeable attorney at Hawkins Spizman who understands conspiracy law could develop the best strategy for fighting the charges made against you.

Components of a Criminal Conspiracy in Sandy Springs

A criminal conspiracy occurs in Sandy Springs when two or more individuals plan to commit a specific crime, and at least one of those individuals takes a substantial step toward carrying out the crime. There is no criminal conspiracy if there are not at least two people making plans to commit a crime. Further, there is no conspiracy without someone taking overt steps in preparation for eventually committing the crime. An attorney who handles conspiracy cases in Sandy Springs could also argue no conspiracy occurred if only one person was involved in the planning of the crime or no agreement was reached to commit a specific crime.

According to the law, if a person accused of conspiring to commit a certain crime can demonstrate that steps were taken to withdraw from the conspiracy agreement before any overt acts were committed, then that person might be able to avoid being charged or have the charges dropped.

Sanctions for Criminal Conspiracy in Sandy Springs

The sanctions that can be imposed for criminal conspiracy depend on the specific crime being planned. If two or more individuals conspired to commit a misdemeanor offense, they could then be punished the same as for a misdemeanor. Sanctions include fines up to $1,000, confinement for up to 12 months, or both.

The punishment for planning to commit a felony crime is a minimum of one year in prison. The maximum length of confinement that can be imposed for conspiracy is one-half of the maximum prison sentence associated with the actual crime that was being planned, as well as one-half of the maximum fine. For example, conspiring to commit a felony that carries a maximum prison sentence of ten years is punishable by five years imprisonment.

The penalty for planning to commit a crime with a punishment of either death or life in prison is a term of incarceration between one and ten years. A criminal conspiracy lawyer in Sandy Springs could explain the sanctions for conspiring to commit a specific offense.

Contact a Sandy Springs Conspiracy Attorney

You should immediately consult a Sandy Springs conspiracy lawyer if you are suspected of criminal conspiracy. There are several approaches a lawyer could take to fight the accusations made against you, such as arguing that there is no proof of a conspiracy.

Do not try defending yourself against charges of criminal conspiracy. You could face several years in prison if you are found guilty. Contact an attorney for assistance.


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