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Most people think of bribery as a politician who takes money from someone in order to gain a political or financial benefit.  The college admissions scandal involving a number of celebrities and their children in 2019 has brought bribery outside of politics to the publc eye.  Under certain circumstances, someone could face suspicion that they committed bribery when, in fact, they were consciously trying to avoid it, or when they gave or accepted something without awareness of any legal prohibition against doing so.

In Sandy Springs, a bribery conviction can give rise to substantial penalties. If you face a bribery charge and want to know how to avoid such consequences, you should begin by consulting a Sandy Springs bribery lawyer. By working with one of our experienced defense attorneys at Hawkins Spizman, you could increase the likelihood of rendering a positive result. To learn more, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

South Carolina Bribery Law

Under §16-10-2 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, bribery occurs in one of two circumstances. One involves giving or offering someone who acts on behalf of the government something to which they are not entitled, so as to influence the performance of official actions. The other involves a government official or employee accepting something of value after causing someone else to believe that giving it would influence the performance of official actions.

However, in such cases, the item of value may not include:

  • Food or beverage consumed at a single event,
  • Legitimate expenses associated with a recipient’s nonpublic business or profession,
  • An award recognizing some service of the recipient,
  • Expenses at events to which all agency members, including members of the State Senate and House of Representatives, are invited,
  • Reasonable meeting expenses,
  • A commercially reasonable loan,
  • A gift from an immediate family member and;
  • Expenses associated with ordinary functions and activities.

Receiving an item of value other than those listed does not necessarily create the presumption that bribery occurred. Bribery is a felony and may be punished by a fine of up to $5,000, imprisonment for one to twenty years, or both. Those facing charges for being accused of this offense could receive vital insight from a Sandy Springs attorney with experience in dealing with bribery cases.

Bribery in Awarding City Contracts in Sandy Springs

Section 46-20 of the City Code of Sandy Springs, Georgia permits the city to grant nonexclusive contracts to certain companies to use public roads and alleys for waste disposal and collection. The municipality may terminate its agreement with any company that commits a material breach of its contract. Per O.C.G.A. §46-30-5, the conviction of one of the company’s directors, officers, employees, or agents of bribery or fraud in relation to the awarding of a contract qualifies as a breach.

If someone associated with such a company faces a bribery charge arising from their acquisition of a city contract, the person or company involved should consult with a Sandy Springs bribery lawyer to discuss strategies for avoiding the conviction and preserving the contract.

Bribery of a Contestant

Under O.C.G.A §16-12-33, bribery of a contest involves giving or offering something of value to a trainer, official, or participant in an athletic contest or event with the intent of causing a loss or affecting the margin of victory or defeat. Someone convicted of bribing a contestant faces a fine of $1,000 to $5,000, imprisonment for one to five years, or both.

Speak to a Lawyer Who Understands the Elements of Bribery Law

Like many criminal offenses, bribery requires a particular state of mind, intent, purpose, or reasonable belief that something of value is exchanged to bring about a particular result. A conviction of this magnitude could make it difficult for you to obtain or maintain employment, secure housing, and participate in basic civic duties.  It could also land you in prison.

To learn more about the consequences of a bribery charge, or for assistance with defending yourself against a criminal accusation, reach out to a Sandy Springs bribery lawyer at Hawkins Spizman today.


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