.18 Breath Test Single Car Accident – State V. R.K.

The Georgia State Patrol arrested R.K., who had been recently accepted to law school, after she struck a utility pole in the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood in Atlanta. She performed well, but not perfectly, on roadside sobriety tests.

Her physical appearance did not match the high breath test level, which created a disconnect defense to the DUI charge. The courtroom prosecutor would not dismiss the DUI, so we scheduled a meeting with the head prosecutor. He agreed to dismiss the DUI if the Defendant would spend a period of time under house arrest to demonstrate that this was not typical behavior on her part. Defendant completed the terms of her sentence and is now enrolled in law school.

When you’re facing a DUI conviction, your future (and possibly your career) is on the line. Having the right Marietta DUI attorneys on your side can help you maintain your freedom.


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