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Students sometimes find themselves facing unexpected disciplinary situations at school. Student gatherings intended for fun can sometimes lead to fights, underage drinking, the use of controlled substances, or other potentially problematic behaviors. Contact a Johns Creek student defense lawyer if your educational institution is investigating allegations of alleged misconduct against you.

Allegations of misconduct can sometimes end up on a student’s permanent record, which could affect future educational and professional opportunities. An attorney could help protect your future by providing legal guidance for navigating the situation.

Title IX Offenses on School Campuses

Title IX is from the federal Education Amendments Act of 1972. This law protects students and others from discrimination based on sex by any federally funded educational program or activity, whether funded in full or only in part.

Over the years, the law’s prohibition on sex-based discrimination has been expanded to protect students against sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment or sexual assault. Under Title IX, schools now have a responsibility to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct and impose disciplinary action when the allegations are determined to be true.

Students who are under investigation by their school for alleged Title IX violations could benefit from working with a student defense attorney in Johns Creek.

School Codes of Conduct and Disciplinary Actions

Schools in Johns Creek have expectations for student behavior on and off campus. Many schools have written codes of conduct outlining specific academic and behavioral expectations.

In addition to prohibiting conduct in violation of Title IX, many school codes also prohibit academic dishonesty, such as cheating or plagiarism, as well as a wide range of inappropriate or illegal behaviors. Prohibited actions often include fighting, hazing, drug possession, underage drinking, theft, vandalism, and disrupting the peace.

Students accused of violating a school’s code of conduct could face disciplinary action. Prior to imposing disciplinary measures, many schools conduct an investigation, which might include various hearings with an advisory board or disciplinary committee. The hearings serve as a time for reviewing allegations of student misconduct and any associated evidence.

A Johns Creek student defense lawyer could help students prepare for upcoming investigative or disciplinary hearings.

Consequences for Student Misconduct at Johns Creek Schools

Students who are determined to be guilty of misconduct could face various school-imposed sanctions. For instance, cheating on an exam could result in automatic failure of the course. A finding of guilt for a Title IX offense could also result in being suspended or expelled from school.

Student misconduct that is also in violation of the law could result in arrest, criminal charges, and prosecution. If convicted, a student could face incarceration or other legal penalties. For example, students arrested for fighting on campus could be charged with assault and face confinement for up to 12 months and a $1,000 fine if found guilty.

A Johns Creek student defense lawyer could provide critical legal representation and fight the criminal charges against a student.

Consult a Johns Creek Student Defense Attorney

Legal help is available for students facing school disciplinary action or criminal charges. A Johns creek student defense lawyer could ensure your rights and your future are protected during school disciplinary hearings or criminal proceedings.

Dealing with allegations of student misconduct on your own can be overwhelming. Consult an attorney in Johns Creek for crucial legal guidance with your situation.


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