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You could be inadvertently violating a gun law and not even know it if you are not familiar with all of the laws and requirements surrounding firearms in Johns Creek. A gun law violation could result in you being charged with a crime, arrested, and jailed. The first thing you should do if you are charged with a gun violation is contact a Johns Creek gun lawyer.

There can be several advantages to retaining a lawyer who knows gun laws. For example, a lawyer would be able to recognize unfounded gun charges and could file a motion for dismissal of the charges. A lawyer could also protect your constitutional right to possess a firearm. Schedule a consultation to learn more about what you could do to avoid the consequences of a firearms conviction.

Gun and Firearms Laws in Johns Creek

There are numerous requirements regarding guns and firearms in Johns Creek. Examples of gun and firearm violations include:

  • Pointing or aiming a gun, loaded or unloaded, at another person without legal justification, such as in self-defense
  • Discharging a firearm on a public road or highway or within 50 yards of one
  • Discharging a firearm on property belonging to another person or business without permission from the property owner or lessee
  • Soliciting or persuading a gun dealer to transfer a firearm to either a person who is not the actual buyer or a felon on probation
  • Giving a pistol or revolver to a minor (under 18 years of age)
  • Possession of a machine gun, silencer, sawed-off shotgun, or sawed-off rifle

The law also places restrictions on where guns can be carried. Locations where it is against the law to carry a firearm can include schools, courthouses, government buildings, correctional facilities, places of worship, state mental health facilities, and nuclear power facilities. Speak with a Johns Creek gun lawyer for guidance regarding gun licensing, concealed carry requirements, and other gun-related issues.

Gun Violation Penalties in Johns Creek

A person could face various fines or imprisonment for violating gun laws. The sanctions for certain misdemeanor gun violations include a $1,000 fine and a possible 12-month jail sentence. Such sanctions could be imposed for aiming a gun at another person without legal justification, discharging a gun on a public road, or discharging a gun on someone else’s property.

The sanctions for a felony gun offense, such as soliciting a gun dealer to transfer a firearm to someone who is not the actual buyer, include a prison term of one to five years for the first offense or five to ten years for a subsequent conviction. Providing a minor under 18 years of age a pistol or revolver is a felony, and is punishable by a three to five year prison term and up to a $5,000 fine. To find out the punishment for a gun charge in Johns Creek, check with a lawyer who handles gun and firearms cases.

Weapons Carry Permits

The firearms lawyers at Hawkins Spizman, LLC recommend that any person in the State of Georgia who owns a firearm should apply for and obtain a Georgia Weapons Carry License.  You can apply for a permit at the Fulton County Probate Court.  The Court will require a fee, and will perform a background check to verify you are eligible for the permit.

The law treats Weapons Carry License holders far more favorably in Georgia than those who do not have a such a permit. For example, if you inadvertently left a firearm in your briefcase when entering a government buiding such as a courthouse, you can be arrested for that.  If youn have a weapons carry license, the law requires that you be given the opportunity to remove the firearm, and re-enter the buiding without non arrest, and no criminal charges.

Speak with a Johns Creek Gun Attorney

Do not let your constitutional right to keep and bear arms be threatened. If you are accused of violating state gun laws, it is best to speak with a Johns Creek gun lawyer.

An attorney could protect you against unfounded criminal charges for allegedly violating a gun law. Do not underestimate the benefit of having legal counsel. Talk to a lawyer about your case immediately.


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