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Showing up on time for a scheduled court date is mandatory. Missing a scheduled court date could result in various consequences, including fines, jail, and suspension of your driver’s license. If you recently missed a court date, contact a Johns Creek failure to appear lawyer for guidance on how to proceed to avoid those costly penalties.

Whether you have a court date for a traffic citation, civil matter, criminal proceeding, or any other reason, it is imperative that you appear or you risk being penalized. In most cases, a judge could issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Failure to Appear for Criminal Proceedings

Neglecting to report for a scheduled criminal court proceeding in Johns Creek, such as an arraignment or a sentencing hearing, is likely to result in the issuance of a bench warrant for the individual’s arrest. If a valid legal justification for missing the court date exists, a lawyer who works on cases involving failure to appear in a Johns Creek court could present that information to the court and request to have the bench warrant lifted.

Failing to appear for a criminal court proceeding could also result in a person’s driver’s license being suspended. If any bond was posted, it can be forfeited. For individuals on probation, not reporting to court is likely to result in revocation of probation to serve the remainder of the sentence in custody.

Missing criminal court proceedings could result in a charge of bail jumping for misdemeanor offenses or felony-bail jumping for felony offenses. The punishment for felony-bail jumping is a sentence of one to five years incarceration and a fine up to $5,000. Leaving the state of Georgia to avoid court is referred to as out-of-state-bail jumping and is a felony punishable similarly to felony-bail jumping.  Although bail jumping is not prosecuted in Johns Creek, it technically could be brought in State or Superior Court.

Missing a Court Date for a Traffic Violations

Appearing in court for a traffic violation might not seem critical, but a bench warrant could be issued if a person does not show up. If the police pull someone over for a routine traffic stop and discover a bench warrant has been issued, the individual could be arrested immediately. Once arrested, an individual could be held for in custody until they are brought to the court where they failed to appear to answer the charges.

Failing to appear in court in response to a traffic violation could also result in a $200 fine and suspension of an individual’s license to drive. Once the license is suspended, it can only be reinstated by following the proper procedure. A suspended driver’s license will not be automatically reinstated upon payment of any fines that were imposed.  Once the failure to appear is resolved, the court clerk will issue a form that must be taken to the Georgia Department of Driver Services to get the license reinstated.

In some situations, missing a court date for a traffic violation in Johns Creek could result in the case being forwarded to the prosecuting attorney’s office. If the prosecuting attorney proceeds with filing charges against the individual, the offense could be prosecuted and punished as a misdemeanor. It is best to consult a Johns Creek failure to appear lawyer to decide what steps to take next if a court date is missed for a traffic violation.

Speak with a Johns Creek Failure to Appear Attorney

Issuing a bench warrant for your arrest is one likely outcome of missing any required court appearance, whether for traffic, civil, or criminal court. A bench warrant can remain active indefinitely and can affect opportunities in various areas, including employment and travel. A Johns Creek failure to appear lawyer could work on lifting the bench warrant against you, and in some cases, without you having to appear in court.

An attorney could also assist with working to minimize some of the other potential consequences of missing a court date, such as the levying of fines. Speak with an attorney to discuss your next steps if you recently failed to appear in court as required.


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