Johns Creek Expungement Lawyer 

It is possible to have certain items restricted from a criminal record through a process known as expungement. A Johns Creek expungement lawyer could explain the process for having items restricted from your criminal record.

Clearing arrests and other eligible items from your record could be helpful in numerous situations, such as when applying for employment or insurance. Expunged items will not appear on your record when potential employers, landlords, and other individuals run a criminal background check. To find out if you are eligible for expungement, reach out to a knowledgeable attorney today.

Criminal History Items Eligible for Expungement in Johns Creek

Information expunged from a criminal record is restricted and unavailable to private individuals or businesses. However, expunged records are still accessible to criminal justice agencies and judicial officials for certain purposes, such as for law enforcement investigations. Section 35-3-37 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated explains the restrictions and availability of restricted information from a criminal history record.

Items that are eligible for restriction or expungement from a criminal history record in Johns Creek include arrests that resulted in release without referring the criminal offense to the prosecutor, as well as cases dismissed by the prosecutor without filing an accusation or pursuing an indictment. Only arrests or criminal charges for cases that were dismissed or dropped are eligible for expungement. Contact a Johns Creek expungement lawyer for assistance determining which items from a criminal record are potentially eligible for the expungement process.

Johns Creek Expungement Process

Individuals looking to expunge eligible items from a criminal record must complete a form called the Request to Expunge Arrest Record. The expungement request form contains multiple sections, some of which are to be completed by the arresting agency or the prosecutor’s office. These agencies fill out the appropriate sections only after the individual requesting expungement completes certain portions of the form. If an expungement is approved, the original arresting agency will be instructed to destroy certain documents relating to the arrest, including mugshots and fingerprint cards.

Consult an attorney who provides expungement assistance in Johns Creek to ensure the process for requesting expungement of information from a criminal record is followed properly. Individuals who do not complete the process properly risk having the expungement request denied. Depending on the reason for a denial of expungement, it might also be possible to file an action in the corresponding Superior Court and potentially have the decision to deny expungement overturned.

Contact an Expungement Attorney in Johns Creek

Expunging eligible items and information from your criminal history record, such as arrests that never resulted in prosecution, could be beneficial when seeking employment, obtaining housing and insurance, or applying for membership in professional associations. Since the process for expunging criminal records can be complicated, it is wise to work with a Johns Creek expungement lawyer who understands the process and can assist you in obtaining expungement.

If you were ever arrested but never formally charged with a crime or were charged but never prosecuted, you might be able to expunge that information from your record. Imagine the opportunities that might become available to you if certain items on your record were no longer available to the general public, including current or potential employers. Contact an attorney for assistance requesting expungement of eligible items from your criminal history.


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