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Domestic violence, or family violence, occurs when an individual commits certain offenses, such as assault or battery, against a current or former member of the same family or household. The law recognizes the seriousness of situations involving family violence and, if convicted, a person could face imprisonment. Contact a Johns Creek domestic violence lawyer if you have been charged with domestic violence.

A lawyer could provide critical legal assistance, such as protecting your constitutional rights, and negotiating an outcome with the prosecutor that can protect your criminal record. In addition to fighting any charges against you, a lawyer could also assist with challenging a protective order.

Family Violence Laws in Johns Creek

Family violence is the legal term for describing domestic violence in Johns Creek. The Criminal Code of Georgia, Title 19, Chapter 13, defines family violence as the occurrence of any felony or the commission of assault, battery, stalking, unlawful restraint, criminal trespass, or criminal damage to property between individuals currently or formerly living in the same household. Such individuals can include married or divorced spouses, parents of the same child, and parents, stepparents, or foster parents and their children, as well as anyone else who lives or lived in the same household.

The law recognizes that family violence does not include reasonable discipline imposed on a child by a parent, stepparent, or foster parent. A domestic violence defense attorney in Johns Creek could explain additional aspects of family violence laws and provide examples of specific actions or conduct constituting domestic violence.

Protective Orders and Intervention Programs

When domestic violence allegations occur between family or household members, a protective order could be issued for the safety and protection of those involved. A protective order limits or restricts contact between specific family or household members. The objective is to prevent further acts of domestic violence between these individuals, either temporarily or long-term.

In some cases, individuals charged with committing domestic violence could be required to participate in a family violence intervention program to rehabilitate themselves. Family violence intervention programs can include anger management or batterer intervention programs, as well as family problem resolution programs. A family violence lawyer in Johns Creek could provide additional details about protective orders and intervention programs.

Potential Penalties Following a Conviction

Violating a family violence protective order in Johns Creek is a misdemeanor offense, for which the penalties include confinement in jail for up to 12 months and a fine up to $1,000. The penalties are the same for committing misdemeanor domestic violence by battery if it is the first offense. Subsequent domestic violence battery offenses can be charged as a felony and are punishable by imprisonment for one to five years.

A Johns Creek criminal defense attorney who handles family violence cases could explain the penalties associated with specific domestic violence offenses.

Contact a Johns Creek Domestic Violence Attorney Today

You do not have to face domestic violence charges on your own, and it could be advantageous to work with a lawyer. If you are facing criminal charges of domestic or family violence, let a Johns Creek domestic violence lawyer represent you.

An attorney could safeguard your legal rights, explain the requirements of any protective orders that have been issued, and help you fight for an optimal resolution to your case. Contact a domestic violence attorney about your case today.


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