Gwinnett County Extortion Lawyer

A person may be charged with extortion if it was perceived that they tried to use threats or physical or force to obtain something. A conviction could prove to be a very serious circumstance since it could cause a person to be sentenced to prison and face hefty fines.

Consider consulting with a Gwinnett County extortion lawyer to understand the law at issue and whether you have defenses available to you. Each legal matter is unique, so do not rely on anecdotal information and speak with a skilled fraud attorney as soon as possible.

Theft by Extortion in Gwinnett County

If a person obtains property by threat, that is a crime under Georgia Code §16-8-16. One of the essential elements is that the threat influences the property owner’s behavior. The government must establish that the alleged actor’s threat caused the alleged victim to give something of value or change their conduct based on the intimidation. The following list includes actions commonly associated with extortion offenses:

  • Physical harm
  • Criminal Actions
  • Accuse someone else of committing a criminal offense
  • Share information that would cause a person to be hated, held in contempt, made fun of or have their business reputation damaged
  • Affecting a public official’s decision to act or not act
  • Encouraging some collective action, such as a boycott or strike
  • Change a person’s decision to testify in court

Penalties for Extortion

If the court decides to try the act as a felony, the actor may face one to ten years in prison. If convicted of a felony, future employers or landlords may ask if they had ever been convicted of a felony. This could cause difficulty in finding work or a place to live. The penalties for extortion are serious, which is why a defendant should obtain an accomplished lawyer who could help build a strong defense.

Defenses for Extortion

It is not extortion if a person accepts property as settlement for a valid claim. A person who engages in such behavior should carefully record the transaction to avoid an accusation later.

Extortion and Blackmail as Separate Offenses

Blackmail is also a crime, but it involves getting someone to pay off another person to stop that person from disclosing certain information about the blackmailed person. Merely requesting the valuable item or service in exchange for the blackmail is a crime. Extortion is a threat to get what the requester wants by threatening the person to get something of value. Typically, intimidation includes some form of violence or harm to the bullied person or someone they love. For more information, reach out to an extortion lawyer in Gwinnett County as soon as possible.

Get More Information about Extortion from a Gwinnett County Attorney

Both the rich and poor may claim extortion. You must protect yourself if you are called to respond to charges. A felony conviction could affect your future and prevent you from achieving your goals. You need to fully understand your situation and how you may be able to protect yourself. A knowledgeable Gwinnett County extortion lawyer may aid you in creating an aggressive defense plan. Do not leave your future at risk. Instead, fight to make sure you receive the best outcome dependant on the facts of your case.


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