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Fraud is a broad classification for criminal offenses involving deceitful or dishonest means for financial gain. Various crimes qualify as fraud, which differs in the level of charges and the severity of the resulting penalties. A fraud conviction could leave you with a permanent criminal record, potentially preventing you from working in specific injuries while maintaining professional licensure.

The stakes can be high when you are facing fraud charges, making your legal representation even more crucial. As a result, you may wish to contact a seasoned criminal attorney for assistance in combatting fraud charges. To get started on a case, be sure to consult with a Gwinnett County fraud lawyer today.

Defining Fraud in Gwinnett County

Fraud could take many forms under Georgia law. Most fraud offenses are felonies, but some may be misdemeanors, depending on the value of the financial loss that resulted from the fraud. As the penalties for a fraud conviction can have a significant impact on the lives of those accused, consulting with a Gwinnett County fraud lawyer may be beneficial.

Deposit Fraud

O.C.G.A. § 16-9-20 makes it illegal to individuals purposely use checks from closed accounts or accounts that contain insufficient funds. Charges for deposit fraud may be a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the value of the bad checks.

Generally, any checks worth $500 or more or from out of state would result in felony charges. Checks worth less than $500 may result in misdemeanor charges. Ultimately, individuals convicted of deposit fraud may face an incarceration sentence of one year to five years and fines of between $500 and $5,000.

Identity Fraud

Identity fraud mainly involves using the personal identifying information of others, fraudulently and without consent, for financial benefit. For example, using or possessing with the intent to use identifying information of others without their permission for any purpose constitutes identity fraud. A person could also be accused of committing fraud if it is found that they used identifying information belonging to a deceased person.

Elements of Fraud Offenses

Although fraud offenses run the spectrum from bank fraud to investment fraud, all fraud offenses share similar elements. These elements include:

  • Knowingly misleading or misrepresenting information to others, either by making statements or omitting facts
  • Intentionally using the deceit or misrepresentation to influence the actions of others
  • Causing harm to others as a result of the misrepresentation

In many cases, evidence of fraud can be found in financial records, computer records, and other types of documentary evidence. The nature of this evidence can make both proving and defending against fraud offenses difficult. Due to the complexity of fraud charges, getting the advice of a fraud attorney in Gwinnett County may be useful.

Call a Gwinnett County Fraud Attorney for Counsel

No matter what type of fraud charges you are facing, you owe it to yourself to get the help you need. You should take all steps necessary to minimize the impact a fraud charge may have on your life. You may be more likely to achieve that goal if you contact a Gwinnett County fraud lawyer for advice.

You should not delay in getting legal representation when facing fraud charges. Failure to do so could be prejudicial to the outcome of your case and place you in a less likely position to resolve your charges more favorably.


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