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Having your information removed from police or court records may feel liberating. However, the process to do so may be too complicated to undertake alone. Those wishing to have a conviction expunged from their record may benefit from retaining the services of an experienced criminal attorney.

A skilled Gwinnett County expungement lawyer might be able to help you with the removal of police and court records, as well as DNA profiles, and any other information qualifying for expungement.

Correcting, Restricting, or Sealing Gwinnett County Criminal Records

Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §35-3-37, a person who believes that their records are incorrect or incomplete may request a criminal history record inspection. Upon proving the errors, they may be able to have the files revised, redacted, or appended.

In some instances, a resident of Gwinnett County may obtain a restriction of their criminal records, including photographs and fingerprints. If the matter was never referred for prosecution, meaning the investigated individual was not charged with a crime, those records may be restricted. Even if the prosecutor filed charges, or if they were dismissed, the information may be restricted from view.

Those who have acquired the right to have their criminal files restricted may then petition for a sealing of those records. The court may issue an order to seal the records if the potential harm to the privacy of the individual outweighs the public’s right to information. A Gwinnett County expungement lawyer may have experience with petitions for sealing.

Expungement of DNA Samples in Gwinnett County

An individual may provide a DNA sample to cooperate with an investigation by law enforcement, or they might be asked to do so because they are a criminal suspect. However, if an individual’s conviction is dismissed or reversed they may have a right to have their genetic panel removed from the database.

Under the O.C.G.A.§35-3-165, eligible individuals may petition to have their DNA profile expunged. However DNA may be obtained via good-faith methods may be maintained until the court orders otherwise. A competent Gwinnett County expungement attorney may be well-versed in issues involving the removal of DNA evidence from government databases.

Expungement from the Gwinnett County Child Abuse Registry

An error or misrepresentation could lead to a resident of Gwinnett County having their name and information included in a government registry of substantiated cases of child abuse. Such persons may be entitled to an administrative hearing to determine if their name might be expunged from the central registry.

Per O.C.G.A. §49-5-184, upon petition, an administrative panel may hear arguments that the named person is not the person who was involved in the child abuse. Following the hearing, the court may remove the petitioner’s name from the registry if they are convinced that there is no credible evidence that the named individual committed the child abuse.

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There are some aspects of your life that you might rather keep private. If you are concerned that news of your arrest or investigation could reach the public, you might find relief by filing a petition for an expungement.

A seasoned Gwinnett County expungement lawyer may be able to help you to put your past behind you by getting unflattering information removed from access by the community. Call today to discuss your expungement needs.


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