Gwinnett County Stalking Lawyer

If you have been accused of stalking someone, you may be concerned about your immediate future. A conviction could negatively impact your way of life, ruin personal relationships, and make it difficult to find employment. Consult with a Gwinnett County stalking lawyer to learn about your options and what steps you can take to ensure a favorable result. With the help of an experienced criminal attorney, you may be able to build a convincing defense.

Gwinnett County Stalking Laws

Under Georgia Code §16-5-90, people are not allowed to engage in acts that make another person fearful or feel harassed. This includes following people, watching people, or contacting them without the other person’s consent.

Harassing and intimidating means that the actor willfully engages in a course of behavior aimed at a specific person to cause that person emotional distress. The law does not require a threat of death or physical harm. The following types of unwarranted communication may necessitate a stalking charge:

  • In person
  • By telephone
  • By mail
  • Through a broadcasting service
  • By computer
  • By the internet
  • Through an electronic device

If a person is charged with stalking, they should retain the services of a stalking lawyer in Gwinnett County. Failure to do so could result in a jail sentence of up to one year.

Violation of a Restraining Order

If a person violates a court order directing them to leave another person alone and the actor does not, that is a crime. Part of this harassment could include sharing the protected person’s name, picture, or information. Violation of this law would be considered a misdemeanor.

Aggravated Stalking Laws in Georgia

As described in §16-5-91, a violation of a court order may be considered as aggravated stalking. The rule applies when a person engages in some pattern of behavior meant to intimate or harass the protected person. The punishment involves a felony charge, which may include up to ten years of prison and $10,000 in fines.

Subsequent Offenses

Once a court convicts a person for stalking or aggravated stalking, any subsequent violations are felonies. The court may punish the actor with one to ten years in prison. When facing felony charges, it is crucial to obtain the services of an accomplished lawyer who could build a strong defense.

Psychological Testing

Before a court convicts a person for stalking or aggravating stalking, the court may require the defendant to undergo a psychological evaluation. The judge may consider the actor’s criminal record. Based on the result, the court may issue a permanent restraining order and order psychological treatment of the defendant.

Learn More from a Gwinnett County Stalking Attorney

If you drove by a person’s house, school or work, the police may arrest you for stalking. Just sending text messages, emails, gifts, or letters could result in criminal charges. If you know the alleged victim, you may be shocked that the other person reported you for a crime. These types of allegations are highly fact-specific. A knowledgeable attorney may be able to guide you to an effective strategic plan and explain the laws surrounding a stalking offense. Consult with a Gwinnett County stalking lawyer to see what you can do to fight for your reputation and freedom.


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