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Prostitution is a crime in Georgia, and soliciting such services is also punishable under the law, even if no illicit act occurred. With increased trafficking of innocent prostitution victims, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors across the country are cracking down hard on those who solicit their services. You need to understand your rights under the law if you have been arrested or think you are under investigation for a solicitation charge.

You owe it to yourself to have an experienced criminal lawyer on your side to fight for your rights against a solicitation charge. A Fulton County solicitation lawyer can work with you to understand your case, what defenses you may have, and your best legal strategy. A skilled attorney at Hawkins Spizman has the experience and knowledge to navigate the process and seek dismissal or reduced charges.

What is Solicitation in Georgia?

Under §16-4-7 of the Georgia Code, a person commits criminal solicitation when they, with intent, solicit, request, command, or otherwise attempt to cause another person to engage in criminal conduct.

To be convicted in Georgia, the prosecutor must show the intent of the crime and must present sufficient evidence to show the crime was committed beyond a reasonable doubt. The onus is on the state to prove the case. However, the defendant needs to be proactive in collecting evidence showing that they did not commit solicitation, and a local attorney can help with collecting this evidence.

Penalties for Criminal Solicitation in Georgia

If convicted, criminal solicitation carries a term of between one and three years in prison, and that time increases to between one and five years if the crime being solicited caries a death or life sentence. The true penalties for a solicitation charge extent well beyond just the prison sentence, and in some cases, it may land a person on the sex offender registry. This can have devastating effects on relationships with family, friends, and community, and may also have a significant adverse impact on a person’s reputation and ability to obtain jobs.

What Are Some Common Defenses to a Solicitation Charge?

Depending upon the individual circumstances of a case, there are a few common defenses that a Georgia solicitation attorney may use for solicitation charges.

  • Entrapment: when police pressure someone to commit a crime they would not otherwise have committed, this can be a potent defense;
  • Insufficient evidence: lack of credible witnesses or other evidence can lead to a dismissal or a non-conviction;
  • Mistake: innocent people get caught up in solicitation arrests; just because they were in the area where solicitation was happening is not sufficient for a conviction.

Reach out to a Fulton County Solicitation Attorney for a Consultation

A solicitation charge, particularly if convicted, can have long-lasting adverse effects on your life and relationships. You owe it to yourself to retain an experienced attorney to fight for your rights. A Fulton County solicitation lawyer at Hawkins Spizman has experience defending against solicitation charges, knows the law and how to navigate the process on your behalf. Call now to schedule a consultation.


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