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The court system in Fulton County is constantly overwhelmed, and it cannot make exceptions for defendants’ scheduling conflicts. It runs on a schedule, and you need to be in court on that date or risk the consequences. Inevitably, situations do occur where someone is unable to make it to their hearing on time. Perhaps you got into an accident on the way, or you could not arrange childcare, or if you otherwise failed to appear in court, you need to understand the potential consequences and your rights.

A skilled attorney at Hawkins Spizman can review the facts of your case and can help you understand the best strategy for your specific situation. A Fulton County failure to appear lawyer has experience in these cases and knows what options are available for you to set things straight in your case.

Potential Consequences for Failing to Appear

Under State law, there are several potential negative consequences for failing to appear for a scheduled court date, including:

  • Failure to appear can be a criminal offense!
  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Escalation of your underlying charges or additional fines
  • Failure to appear can negatively influence a judge’s opinion of a defendant
  • Trigger the issuance of a bench warrant for your arrest
  • May be a violation of probation, which could result in loss of probation (or stricter terms), fines, or other increased penalties

When a person does appear in court, the judge will consider the facts that caused the person to not be able to appear for their court date. If there was an emergency or other mitigating circumstance, the court would consider it when determining the consequences.

What are Bench Warrants?

Bench warrants are warrants issued by a judge against a person for failing to appear in court. Once the warrant is issued, it goes out to all law enforcement across Georgia so that the next time the person is stopped by the police for any reason, including a traffic violation, they will be taken into custody. Once in custody, the person will likely remain in jail until their court date or potentially released on bail.

What are the Most Common Missed Court Dates?

People can miss court dates on a variety of cases and criminal charges, but the most common are court dates for traffic violations. If a person does not pay their ticket online in time, they may be deemed to have failed to appear in court, and if this happens, the person’s driver’s license may be suspended. This can affect drivers who live in and outside the state.

Consult with a Fulton County Failure to Appear Attorney Today

The best way to address a missed court date is early and directly. If you failed to appear in court or received a notice of such because you did not pay a ticket, then you should consult with an attorney today. A Fulton County failure to appear attorney at Hawkins Spizman can quickly address the issue and can get your underlying case back on track. Do not let things escalate too far; call to schedule a consultation today.


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