DeKalb County Student Defense Lawyer

Whether it is the influence of other students, lack of parental supervision, or just the urge to rebel, students sometimes make poor choices and find themselves facing disciplinary action or even criminal charges as a result. Students accused of wrongdoing may also face unique consequences and may have to answer for their behavior in a school tribunal that is very different from criminal court.

If you or a family member are in trouble due to actions committed on campus, it is recommended that you consult with a well-versed criminal attorney. A knowledgeable DeKalb County student defense lawyer could work with you to develop the defense for your case and pursue a positive resolution.

Common Student Defense Scenarios

It may not seem fair, but police often pay much closer attention to partying activities around a college or other school campus than they do in other areas.
They may also issue criminal charges in situations where they are not warranted.

A DeKalb County student defense attorney can evaluate the circumstances of a particular case to determine whether the police may have lacked probable cause for an arrest or inspection. Some common situations where an attorney may defend a student accused of wrongdoing involve:

  • Underage alcohol consumption
  • Drug possession
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Allegations of cheating or honor code violations
  • Theft, vandalism, or other property crimes
  • Assault
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Sexual misconduct

School Disciplinary Actions

A single incident may require a student to defend their conduct in both a school disciplinary proceeding and in criminal court. Students facing accusations in a school disciplinary proceeding can still retain legal counsel and defend the charges, but the situation differs greatly from a criminal defense scenario.

The rights and protections people expect in a court often do not apply in a school tribunal. For instance, students accused of wrongdoing frequently do not have the chance to question their accuser. They also usually do not have the same opportunities to present evidence as in a criminal trial, and they may not even be granted an initial presumption of innocence.

An experienced student defense lawyer in DeKalb County should understand these limitations and could work to construct a thorough defensive strategy designed to take advantage of the opportunities available based on school rules. Although some campus proceedings do not allow a student to be formally represented by an attorney, a legal adviser may still advise students about making statements and answering questions, so they are able to communicate their side of the events effectively.

Consult a Dedicated DeKalb County Student Defense Attorney

A criminal record resulting from an offense committed at school can cause difficulties with employment, housing, personal relationships and other aspects of life for years to come. A school disciplinary proceeding could also result in loss of scholarships, campus living opportunities, or even expulsion.

A DeKalb County student defense lawyer could work to defend your or your family member’s interests and minimize the negative effects of the proceedings. To learn more about the advantages of working with a dedicated student defense attorney, call today to schedule a consultation.


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