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Solicitation convictions can have harsh consequences, including jail time, thousands in fines, and a potential probation sentence. Facing these charges can be an embarrassing, stressful, and damaging experience for both your professional and personal life.

A dedicated attorney might be able to analyze the evidence against you and determine what defense strategies could prove to have a positive impact on your case. With the help of a DeKalb County solicitation lawyer, you may be able to improve the outcome of your case.

Charges Related to Solicitation

Pandering, which is illegal under the Official Code of Georgia §16-6-12, occurs when individuals solicit others to engage in prostitution on behalf of themselves or third parties. Another variation of pandering occurs if they purposely gather people in a particular area to allow others to solicit them for prostitution.

Solicitation of sodomy also is unlawful under O.C.G.A. §16-6-15. This offense is typically charged as a misdemeanor under Georgia law but may be considered a felony offense if it involves the solicitation of a minor under the age of 18. Since the penalties for solicitation and related offenses may be harsh, contacting a solicitation lawyer in DeKalb County may be highly beneficial for those accused of this offense.

Defenses to Solicitation in DeKalb County

Various defenses may apply to solicitation charges in DeKalb County. While applicable defenses differ from one case to another, some defenses are more common than others, including entrapment by law enforcement, insufficient evidence of a valid agreement, a lack of any money exchanging hands, or a simple mistake or ignorance by an alleged perpetrator.

Likewise, in certain situations, individuals may consider soliciting prostitution but not take any affirmative steps to enter an agreement or carry out a solicitation. A solicitation attorney in DeKalb County may be able to assert the appropriate defense(s) on behalf of an individual facing solicitation or related charges.

Penalties for Solicitation

Solicitation is an aggravated misdemeanor offense under O.C.G.A. §16-6-13, a conviction for which may result in a hefty fine, a county jail sentence of up to one year, or both. Individuals convicted of pandering would also be responsible for the costs of publishing a notice with their mugshot to inform the public about the nature of their criminal conviction, as well as mandatory testing for sexually transmitted diseases and possible civil forfeiture of their vehicles if used in the commission of the offense.

A judge can suspend any sentence in a solicitation case or order that an individual serve their sentence on probation, except for 24 hours. Additionally, if the solicitation offense occurs within 1,000 feet of a school building, school grounds, a church or other public place of worship, a playground, or a recreation center primarily used by minors, a convicted individual may face an additional $2,500 fine if convicted.

If a solicitation offense involves a minor under the age of 18, the offense becomes a felony, which typically has harsher consequences. Fines can range up to $100,000, and prison terms may be as much as 30 years. These penalties may depend upon the prior criminal history of individuals, the ages of the minors involved at the time of the offense, and the presence of other aggravating or mitigating factors—as well as the representation of qualified DeKalb County solicitation lawyers.

Contact a DeKalb County Solicitation Attorney Today

When you are facing solicitation charges, it is strongly recommended that you seek the services of a dedicated criminal attorney. Working with legal counsel may enable you to determine the most effective defenses in your case and pursue a more positive outcome to your case. Do not hesitate to contact a DeKalb County solicitation lawyer who could advocate on your behalf.


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