DeKalb County Shoplifting Lawyer

Those accused of shoplifting may believe that is a minor offense which requires little to no action. On the contrary, a criminal conviction for a shoplifting offense may make it extremely challenging to live a normal life moving forward. Not only could a conviction make it difficult to find a job, it could also be challenging to take out a much-needed loan or mortgage.

By working with a skilled attorney after being formally charged with a shoplifting offense, you may be able to increase the likelihood of successfully mitigating the charges made against you. To get started on building a defense for your case, be sure to get in touch with a DeKalb County shoplifting lawyer as soon as possible.

Theft by Shoplifting Laws in DeKalb County

According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 16-8-14, shoplifting occurs when a person has the intent to either appropriate merchandise without paying for it or deprive the owner of possession of the merchandise or of its value. The following actions constitute shoplifting in DeKalb County:

  • Taking possession of or concealing the goods or merchandise of a store or retail establishment
  • Altering the price marked on the goods or merchandise of a store or retail establishment
  • Transferring the goods or merchandise of a store or retail establishment from its original box or container to another one
  • Switching the price tag or label from one merchandise item with the price tag or label from another merchandise item
  • Wrongfully causing the amount paid for an item to be less than the merchant’s state price for the item

Committing theft by shoplifting by any of the means listed above could result in arrest, criminal charges, and prosecution. If accused of committing a shoplifting offense, do not hesitating in contacting a DeKalb County shoplifting lawyer as soon as possible.

DeKalb County Penalties for Shoplifting

The penalties for shoplifting in DeKalb County can include a fine, house arrest, or incarceration in jail or prison. Alternatively, some individuals convicted of shoplifting could be sentenced to confinement in an alternative program, such as a correctional boot camp, probation detention center, or community correctional facility rather than jail or prison. Individuals convicted of shoplifting multiple times could also be required to undergo a psychological evaluation and treatment at their own expense.

The specific penalties associated with a first shoplifting offense involving the theft of merchandise worth $500 or less, which is a misdemeanor, is a fine up to $1,000 and incarceration for up to 12 months in jail. Shoplifting offenses involving the theft of merchandise worth more than $500 are felonies and can be punished by imprisonment for as long as ten years, depending on the total value of merchandise stolen.

A fourth or subsequent conviction for shoplifting is punished as a felony even if the prior convictions were all for misdemeanor shoplifting. Fourth or subsequent convictions can be punished by a prison sentence of one to ten years. A shoplifting lawyer in DeKalb County could answer questions about the penalties associated with specific shoplifting offenses.

Contact a DeKalb County Shoplifting Attorney for Assistance

If you have been accused of depriving a store owner of their merchandise, it is recommended to retain the services of a trusted legal advocate. A DeKalb County shoplifting lawyer could help you fight the charges made against you and work to achieve the best outcome possible.

An attorney could help you develop a relevant legal defense to the charges against you while also protecting your legal rights. Contact a DeKalb County shoplifting attorney right away for assistance with your case.


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