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DeKalb County has been one of the top hubs for Uber in the United States for a few years now. Many commuters choose this ridesharing option over taking MARTA or trying to navigate DeKalb County’s roads on their own. Though Uber is a convenient (if sometimes expensive) way to get around the city, it is not without its risks.

With Uber, private citizens use their own cars to drive others around. While this seems like a good idea in theory — drivers make a living, and riders avoid the hassle of hailing a taxi — Uber’s business model labels drivers as independent contractors. That means it’s very easy for Uber to avoid any liability in the event of an accident.

If you are involved in an accident while using a ridesharing service, you have legal options. Call a DeKalb County Uber car accident attorney at HSF Law Firm at 678-248-6572 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

How Uber Handles Accidents

Uber has long-touted its “$1 million insurance policy” to put drivers and riders alike at ease. While this sounds great, there is much more to it. Uber and its insurance provider aren’t in the business of handing out money. You will likely have to fight for any kind of compensation, much less a full million dollars.

When drivers are “on the clock,” so to speak, Uber breaks down accidents into two general situations:

  1. If you do not have a passenger in the car, but are logged into the app waiting for a fare, Uber first defers to your own personal insurance before paying out anything after a wreck. If your insurance does not cover all the damages to yourself and your car, they may step in with their own insurance coverage.
  2. If you have a passenger in the car, Uber will be more likely to step in and cover damages covered by the accident — this is where the $1 million insurance may apply, especially if the wreck is caused by an uninsured/underinsured driver. However, Uber has a history of denying such claims if their own driver is at fault. After all, drivers are private contractors, and therefore, Uber often claims, the company has no legal obligation to cover such incidents.

Uber’s harsh stance on car accidents is just one of the many reasons why drivers and riders alike are fleeing to other ridesharing services like Lyft. However, just because Uber denies your insurance claim doesn’t mean you are without options. A qualified attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Georgia’s Uber Laws

Right now, DeKalb County has relatively few laws on the books regarding Uber drivers. Generally, they simply defer to the rules set out by the company itself. These qualifications include:

  • Being at least 21 years old
  • Have at least three years of driving experience (or one year, if you are at least 23 years old)
  • Have a valid driver’s license, proof of registration and insurance
  • Pass a background check, including a driver’s criminal and driving record (does not include fingerprints)

Drivers must also have a four-door car that is no older than 2005 in good condition with Georgia plates. In addition, Uber boasts a zero-tolerance policy for their drivers being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the clock. That’s it — no regular safety checks, no commercial license or any other requirements. Many insurance companies now require certain minimums if you plan to drive for a ridesharing service, but neither DeKalb County nor Uber itself have regulations regarding insurance.

As such, you may be at the mercy of your insurance company or the insurance company of the driver at fault if an accident occurs. If they refuse to cover your medical bills and Uber doesn’t step in, you may feel like you have nowhere to turn to get the compensation you deserve. But the attorneys at Hawkins Spizman can help.

Call a DeKalb County Uber Car Accident Lawyer Today

If your insurance claims are denied, or you are offered a small sum that barely covers any of your bills, you have legal options. However, that means bringing a lawsuit against the insurance company, which is a daunting task to take on alone. Don’t take them on by yourself.

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