DeKalb County Failure to Appear Lawyer

Various intervening events may cause you to miss a court date inadvertently, such as illness, injury, or a family emergency. Whatever the case may be, it is typically best to address the missed court date immediately with the assistance of a DeKalb County failure to appear lawyer.

The ramifications of failing to appear in court can be harsh, although they differ from one court to the next. You could be subject to a warrant for your arrest, which could cause you to remain in jail for an indefinite period and put your job and your family at risk. A criminal defense attorney may be able to assist you in resolving a failure to appear in court.

Failure to Appear in Criminal Court

Municipal court cases are one of the most common situations in which individuals fail to appear in court. These appearances are typically related to driving violations and other low-level misdemeanor offenses.

For those who fail to appear in court as ordered, the consequences can be severe, including the issuance of a warrant for their arrest, and suspension of your driver’s license. However, there may be ways to avoid going to jail on a bench warrant if individuals discover the situation and take steps to remedy it before they are arrested on the warrant.

If an individual fails to appear in State or Superior Court, which handle more serious criminal misdemeanor and felony charges, the judge will almost always issue a bench warrant. While some judges may allow such individuals to come to court and explain their absence instead of being arrested and going to jail, the latter scenario is much more likely and may result in an indefinite jail sentence, until the judge resets the case for another hearing.

Since individuals may remain in jail on a warrant for an uncertain amount of time, they may risk losing their jobs, being able to care for their children, and being unable to pay for their housing. A DeKalb County failure to appear attorney may be able to help an individual avoid some of these consequences by working to minimize the impact this unfortunate situation has on their life.

Failure to Appear by Non-Residents

For individuals who frequently travel in and out of DeKalb County on business or who are just passing through the area, missing a court date may be a common occurrence. Rather than missing court, however, individuals who contact legal counsel prior to the court date may be able to have their appearance excused, allowing them to avoid a failure to appear charge in the first place.

In many Municipal and State Courts, a failure to appear lawyer in DeKalb County may be able to enter a Plea in Absentia on behalf of individuals who are unable to appear in court. While it can be substantially more difficult to have a court appearance excused or enter a Plea in Absentia in Superior Court, it is a potential option in some cases.

Consult a DeKalb County Failure to Appear Attorney Today

Whether your criminal case involves a simple driving violation or a major felony, failing to appear in court as required is a criminal offense. As a result, your failure to appear may result in significant penalties, including an arrest warrant and time spent in jail, and the suspension of your driver’s license. We have helped many people get the “FTA” removed from their criminal history and get their driver’s license reinstated.

A DeKalb County failure to appear lawyer may be able to step in and help resolve your failure to appear in court, depending on your situation. Getting legal advice in this situation could be essential to your ability to minimize the costs of a failure to appear, so call today to set up a consultation and start working on your case.


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