What Happens to a Car After a DUI Arrest in DeKalb County?

When a person is arrested for a drunk driving offense, they may be worried about what happens to their car once they are taken away to be processed. In most cases, a person’s car may be towed and impounded. In other cases, if the passenger of the vehicle is sober, they may be able to drive the arrested person’s car home instead of it being towed. For more information regarding what happens to a car following a DUI arrest in DeKalb County, schedule a consultation today.

Handling an Arrested Person’s Car in DeKalb County

If the car can be driven by someone else after the initial driver has been arrested and charged with a DUI, a police officer may release the vehicle to the passenger with the driver’s permission. In most cases, law enforcement would give arrested drivers that courtesy.

In some situations, law enforcement cannot release the car to another driver when a sober driver is unable to get to the scene relatively quickly. Other issues may arise if the car has no insurance or the registration is expired. In these cases, an officer would argue that the car should not be on the road and would not give an arrested driver the courtesy of having someone to drive their car. When this occurs, the driver’s car would be impounded and towed away to a local tow yard.

Documents Necessary from Retrieving a Vehicle Following a DUI Charge

Specific documents may be required to have someone’s car picked up from a tow lot. The more common yet essential documents for retrieving a car is the person’s driver’s license, their registration, tag, or title. If the vehicle is not in their name, they would need to contact the person whose car the name is in. That individual may have to assist them in getting it released. Effectively, they have to show proof of ownership.

Can a Car be Searched in a Tow Yard in DeKalb County?

If the arresting police officer intends to impound the car, they must inventory it incident to arrest to ensure that they have a working knowledge of any valuables in the car. A specific form is used that outlines what is in the car.

This is a creative way to legally search the car because if they inventory the car and find drugs, guns, large amounts of cash, etc., they have the right to use that as evidence or draw additional charges against the individual. If the intention is to release the car to another driver, the officer does not have the ability to inventory or search the car.

Role of a Lawyer When Retrieving a Car

If you are trying to retrieve a car that was impounded following a DUI arrest, it may be wise to retain the services of an experienced attorney. In the event the car was involved in a serious accident, the vehicle may be ineligible for release since it may be held as evidence. With the help of a lawyer, an accused individual may be able to get the hold lifted from their car. To learn more, if you desire for your assistance for your case specifically, schedule a consultation today.


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