License Following a DeKalb County Third-Offense DUI

What happens to a person’s driver’s license following a DeKalb County third-offense DUI charge depends on how many years between DUIs. For instance, a person with their third DUI in 15 years will be treated less harshly as an individual with their third DUI in five years. The judge looks back five years for purposes of license suspensions and ten years when it comes to minimum sentencing. If a person gets their third DUI within five years, then they are facing habitual violator status. Therefore, their driver’s license will likely be revoked and they could also face other significant consequences.

If you have been charged with your third DUI, reach out to a dedicated attorney today. An accomplished third-offense DUI lawyer could fight for you and help you understand your legal options.

Does a Defendant Have to be Convicted of a Third DUI Before Facing Consequences?

There is an immediate action against most people’s driver’s licenses if they are arrested for DUI, so a conviction is not needed. When a person is charged with their third DUI offense, they could be facing an action regarding their driver’s license immediately. In terms of what happens with the driver’s license, that is going to be predominantly based on whether or not they are convicted of these charges.

Challenging a License Suspension

There is really no difference in how a defendant challenges the suspension of a license following a DeKalb County third-offense DUI compared to one’s first or second chargers. They still need to request a hearing as as possible. An accomplished lawyer could help the defendant request a hearing and argue why one should be able to retain their driving privileges.

Applying for a Restricted License

Drivers can apply for a restricted license after being charged with a third-offense DUI in DeKalb only if it is their first offense in five years. If it is a second offense in five years, they are required to wait 120 days before they can get a permit. If it is a third DUI in five years, the person is considered to be a habitual violator. Habitual violator results in a license revocation. It means that there is a significant period of time prior to any individual being able to request any kind of permit, but it is a five-year revocation in full.

Getting License Back Following an Acquittal

If acquitted of a DUI, the method for getting a person’s license back depends on the number of DUIs. If it is the first, then they serve a suspension period. They are eligible for a permit, they can complete a DUI school, and pay the reinstatement fee. If it is a second offense in five years, the person has to complete some treatment and get an interlock ignition device installed in their car.

If it is a third-offense DUI in five years, there is a license revocation. They have to sit out all that time and then after sitting out all that they got to show proof of treatment, they got get an order from the judge, and they have to install an interlock ignition device. To learn more about the license following a DeKalb County third-offense DUI and how a lawyer could help you, call today.


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