DeKalb County Third-Offense DUI Lawyer

When someone is facing their third DUI charge, they can assume that the prosecutor is going to prosecute the charge vigorously. In a case involving a third DUI offense, a prosecutor is going to treat it differently than a first or second charge. They are going to be concerned that the defendant is likely to re-offend. Therefore, the defendant could be facing significant penalties such as jail time, expensive fines, and community service.

If you have been charged with your third DUI offense, reach out to a dedicated DUI attorney. Let a DeKalb County third-offense DUI lawyer fight for you and advocate on your behalf.

Third-Offense DUI Penalties

The DUI Statue 40-6-391 outlines the minimum penalty requirements for a third-offense DUI. A defendant could be facing a minimum of 120 days in jail and a fine of up to $5,000.

Penalties may also include 240 hours of community service, DUI school, any recommended treatment, alcohol evaluation, and a minimum of 12 months’ probation. The individual may also take random alcohol and drug screens. The person may also have to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. Individuals facing these penalties should reach out to a dedicated third-offense DUI lawyer in DeKalb County.

Does Time Between DUIs Matter?

The time between DUIs matters legally and also theoretically. Legally, DUIs are measured in 10-year periods. If a person has a third DUI in 10 years, the statute outlines the minimum requirement. If they have their third DUI but only a second DUI within 10 years, the minimum statutory requirements are different. The law measures from arrest to arrest.  Theoretically, it matters because a prosecutor looks at a third DUI in a five-year period different than a third DUI in a 10-year period.

Courts Treatment of Third-Offense DUI Charges

For third-offense DUI charges, the court is going to listen to what the recommendations are and many times courts are not like judges. Courts are not getting involved in a negotiated resolution with the prosecutor. There are no diversion programs in any jurisdiction for a DUI. Probation may be offered but only after a jail sentence.

Defending Against a DUI

A DeKalb County third-offense DUI attorney is going to mitigate the case as best as possible because there is so much at stake. If the defendant were to lose the case, they are looking at substantial penalties, which could be life-changing.

For every DUI case, a lawyer will look at the same factors. They are looking at a vehicle in motion, manifestations on the side of the road, how the individual interacted with the police officer, how the police officer did the investigation, and what mistakes were made during the stop or arrest. There is a higher chance of having to fight these cases because they are multiple offense DUIs.

How a DeKalb County Third-Offense DUI Attorney Could Help

Have you been charged with your third DUI? If so, you should consider hiring a dedicated attorney immediately. An accomplished DeKalb County third-offense DUI lawyer could build a strong defense and help you understand your legal options. Call today to set up a consultation with a legal professional.


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