DUI Substance Abuse Evaluation in DeKalb County

Being charged with a DUI could cause you to incur significant penalties that can greatly alter the course of your life. However, there are opportunities to individuals who wish to assess their own actions through a DUI substance abuse evaluation in DeKalb County. Through this evaluation, individuals would gain a better perspective about the role that alcohol and/or drugs has played in their life, and could build a plan to help combat their addiction.

If you were charged with driving under the influence, reach out to a DUI attorney at Hawkins Spizman who has helped defendants in the past undergo this type of evaluation.

What is the Purpose of a Substance Abuse Evaluation?

The purpose of a substance abuse evaluation is to gain an opinion as to whether a person has an issue with alcohol or drugs. If they do have a problem, then a plan would be put in place in order to assist them in getting well.

This is also used to determine whether someone is high-risk or likely to reoffend. If it is believed that they are a risk, treatment recommendations will be made in an effort to minimize the likelihood that they will reoffend in the future.

What is the Process of a Substance Abuse Evaluation in DeKalb?

These types of evaluations are done in private. The subject of the evaluation would need to schedule a time and place to meet with the evaluator. They will then be interviewed questions regarding their relationship with drug abuse.

One of the first questions that may be asked is whether the person drinks alcohol, what do they drink, and how often they drink. Inquiry will also be made as to whether the subject uses illegal drugs, or abuses prescription drugs. The evaluator is not intent in trying to pry, but they are asking these types of questions to find out the nature of their substance abuse.

Benefits of Undergoing a Substance Abuse Evaluation

The main benefit of agreeing to a substance abuse evaluation is to assist in making sure that their use of alcohol and/or drugs is not having harmful effects on their life.  It also may help resolve the pending criminal case favorably.  If the prosecution and the court sees that the defendant is actively trying to better themselves, or they have been proactive in subjecting themselves to an evaluation and seeking treatment, the penalties can often be reduced to reflect that.

Reach Out to a Legal Professional Today

If you have been charged with a DUI and would like to avoid some of the criminal penalties that comes with a conviction, you may want to take the time to learn about how a substance abuse evaluation in DeKalb County could benefit your case. An attorney could provide you with further information about the process of this evaluation. At Hawkins Spizman, we have a volume of resources and relationships with local evaluators and counselors that are ready to assist you. Schedule a consultation to get started.


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