DeKalb County DUI Stops

DUI offenses are one of the more common offenses you may be accused of. Due to the amount of DeKalb County DUI stops, individuals are frequently stopped to make sure that they are able to drive in order to protect the public from a potential drunk driving related accident. However, a DUI arrest does not automatically mean that you are guilty.

You retain the right to present an argument in court in order to prove your innocence. In order to increase the likelihood of presenting a convincing argument, or to learn more about how being arrested at a DUI checkpoint may affect your case, be sure to get in touch with a trusted attorney today.

Common Placements of DUI Stops and Checkpoints

The common placement of DeKalb County DUI stops usually occurs on busy roads. For example, on North McDonough Road, there are many bars and restaurants which many people visit. Law enforcement in the area has chosen to set up checkpoints on or around that area because there is a greater risk of drunk drivers.

Other major roads which see frequent DUI checkpoints include highway 400, 285, and I-20. It is uncommon for a checkpoint to be placed directly on a highway, however, law enforcement have been known to place checkpoints on entry or exit ramps.

Focus on Drunk Driving Offenses

DeKalb County law enforcement officials have chosen to focus on DUI offenses due to the likelihood that someone could die as a result of a DUI accident. When someone is under the influence and they choose to drive, they not only put their lives at risk, but the lives of drivers as well.

DUI offenses also generate a lot of revenue for the city. DUI stops can generate thousands of dollars in fines, probation fees, and community development costs. Those convicted of a DUI offense may also be required to perform community service, ultimately saving for the city.

Unique Aspects of a DUI Offense

One of the more unique aspects regarding DUI offenses is that the court system is very willing to listen to an accused individual’s argument and consider what the evidence says and not just what was told by a police officer. This gives the opportunity for charged individuals to work with a defense attorney to get a favorable result in court. However, in order to craft a convincing argument, a consultation should be scheduled as soon as possible in order to have enough time to review all the facts of the case.

Benefits of Working with a DUI Attorney

One of the many benefits of working with a DUI attorney is that an individual would be working with someone who has a familiarity with the jurisdiction and with the court system as well. An attorney would also be aware of the particular aspects of DeKalb County DUI stops, such as where they are most frequent, the process in which someone may be pulled over and arrested, and how a police officer may behave unlawfully. To get started on your case, be sure to schedule an appointment to go over your case in greater detail.


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