Pretrial Release and Bonds for DUI Arrest in DeKalb

Being arrested for a DUI offense could prove to be a tumultuous time for many people. The first step in assisting anyone charged with DUI or related offenses is to bond them out of jail.

What is a Bond?

As defined by DeKalb law, a bond is the amount of money or property that an individual must post in order to be released from jail. There are three primary types of bonds:

  • Signature/ROR bond
  • Task bond
  • Straight/Good bond

A signature or ROR (released on recognizance) bond involves the individual providing only their signature to be released from jail and requires no financial obligation. A task bond requires the individual to undertake a task, like abstaining from drugs or alcohol, not contacting an alleged victim, or completing an anger management class, in order to be released from custody. Straight or good bonds require the individual to pay a percentage of their bond to a bonding company or post the entire amount, which will be refunded to them at the end of the case.  If a bonding company is used, the company posts the entire amount of the bond and the percentage you paid to that company is kept as their fee.

What is a Pretrial Release?

A pretrial release in DeKalb County is similar to probation. An officer will manage the terms of an individual’s release and verify that the individual is following all the conditions of their release, as outlined by the judge. Those conditions might include avoiding certain locations or people or attending counseling or anger management classes. A pretrial officer is the person who oversees the released individual and ensures that they comply with the conditions of their bond.

Not Complying with the Terms of a Release

By not abiding by a pretrial release, an individual can have their bond revoked. The court is well within its right to take away someone’s bond if they choose to ignore their responsibilities under the bond.

Important Information to be Retained Upon Release

When an individual is freed from jail, they will often receive documents outlining their bond conditions, court dates, and copies of the affidavits of arrest. They may also be given copies or notice of any tickets that were issued to them by the arresting officer.

Speak with a Legal Advocate

It is important for an individual to hire an experience DeKalb DUI attorney as soon as possible after being arrested for a DUI because there are certain obligations and issues that an attorney can expertly assist them with immediately after arrest. A skilled attorney can promptly begin analyzing and preparing a challenge to the license action so that the individual might avoid losing their license for one year, as well as prepare for the individual’s first court appearance, which will likely be scheduled shortly after their arrest. Experienced DeKalb DUI attorneys will waste no time obtaining all available evidence, creating a timeline of events in the case, and determining their clients’ best legal defenses.

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