DeKalb County Out-of-State DUI Lawyer

Receiving a DUI charge can lead to significant penalties, long-term consequences, and inconveniences in one’s personal and professional life. This can be even more true for individuals who have been charged with a DUI in DeKalb County and are from out of the state.

If you have been charged with a DUI and you are from out of the state, contact a dedicated DUI attorney today. A seasoned DeKalb County out-of-state DUI lawyer could help you build a defense and understand your legal options. Call today and set up a consultation.

How Does a Person From Out of State Impacted by DUI Charges in DeKalb County?

DUI charges by a person who is from out of the state can get complex. This is because every state has its own specific rules and regulations regarding DUIs. In Georgia, if an individual is convicted of a DUI and they are not a Georgia licensed driver, the DUI will be reported to their home state and their home state is going to take a separate action against the person. What ends up happening is that the defendant has to deal with the state of Georgia and their home state.

There is also an administrative action that they are going to have to deal with in both Georgia and their home state. This administrative action can complicate things significantly. Fortunately, a DeKalb County out-of-state DUI lawyer could help a defendant navigate through the legal process. 

How Do Different States Deal with DUI Charges?

It is imperative to understand that regional rules do not apply to DUI charges, but the state does. If the person is arrested for a DUI in Georgia, then Georgia will handle their DUI. Then the DUI charge is brought to the individual’s home state.What happens to their license if they are a Georgia driver is different than what happens to their license if they are from Texas or California, for example. For more information, consult with a knowledgeable lawyer

National Driver Register

The National Driver Register is an online system where states communicate with one another about drivers with offenses. This allows states to get information from other states if someone is convicted of a DUI.

How an Attorney Could Help Out-of-State Drivers

A local attorney could help out-of-state drivers facing a DUI charge in DeKalb by taking all the positive steps to keep the DUI off of their record. If there is no DUI conviction, then the license consequences that they might recognize in their home state could be much different. An out-of-state DUI lawyer in DeKalb County could assist the individual in determining how a DUI conviction could potentially impact their out-of-state license as well. They can talk to lawyers in their home state and determine what they can do to assist them in that particular part of the case.

Call a DeKalb County Out-of-State DUI Attorney Today

DUI charges are taken seriously in DeKalb County. If you are facing a DUI offense and you are from out of state, you should obtain the services of an accomplished attorney. Call a DeKalb County out-of-state DUI lawyer today.


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