Medical Attention Following a DeKalb County DUI

When someone is pulled over on suspicion of a DUI and they are seriously impaired, they may be taken to the hospital for medical treatment. If a person is sick or injured, they can get medical care. A driver in a vehicle accident could also get medical care even if they are being arrested for a DUI.

Technically, a person cannot tell a police officer to take them to a hospital for medical treatment. The police officer will make the decision on whether the person gets medical care based on the situation.

For more information about seeking medical attention following a DeKalb County DUI and how it may impact your case, call an attorney. A dedicated DUI lawyer could review your case and advocate for you.

Medical Care Could Explain the Driver’s Behavior

Medical attention could assist a police officer with determining why the person operated the vehicle the way they did on the road. When someone has a medical diagnosis that provides an alternative explanation for their behavior on the side of the road, that could help in a defense.

A medical episode could be a logical explanation for why a person was acted or driving the way their were. For example, if a person has a diabetic episode, it could explain why they had trouble walking in a straight line.

If an individual was dosed with a drug in a bar unknowingly that caused a substantial level of impairment on the side of the road, a blood test from a hospital could explain that their behavior was the result of involuntary intoxication. Medical attention following a DeKalb County DUI arrest could explain that a person’s behavior was a medical issue and not due to impairment.

How Police Officers Determine if a Person Needs Medical Attention

A police officer determines whether a person needs medical attention by evaluating the individual’s behavior and possible injuries. There are some situations where one clearly needs medical attention. The officer must use their best judgment. Many officers have basic mandated training that is consistent with medical treatment to help them determine whether a person is experiencing a medical issue.

Can a Person Refuse Medical Attention?

When an officer makes the decision that the person needs medical treatment, then they are going to the hospital. When the person arrives at the hospital, they may refuse medical care. However, medical attention could save the person’s life and could possibly help their case. When someone is having a medical issue, they need to get treatment. Medical care should always be a priority. The only downside to getting medical treatment is if the hospital draws their blood and that blood test confirms impairment.

Call a DeKalb County Lawyer About Seeking Medical Attention Following a DUI

When someone charged with a DUI receives medical care, a seasoned lawyer could use that as part of their defense. Medical attention following a DeKalb County DUI arrest can be helpful or harmful to one’s case. An experienced attorney could use it as a defense and if the medical treatment negatively impacts one’s case, the lawyer could try to minimize the results of hte harmful information.


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