Life After a DUI Arrest in DeKalb County

When a person is under the influence, the last thing they should do is get behind the wheel of a car. Not only would they be putting themselves and others in harm’s way, but they could face criminal charges if pulled over by a law enforcement officer.

Take the time today to learn more about life after a DUI arrest in DeKalb County. Your ability to make a decent living could be negatively impacted by this type of offense, so be sure to stay informed by getting in touch with one of our knowledgeable attorneys at Hawkins Spizman.

What Major Impact Would a DUI Arrest Have on a Person’s Life?

A DUI offense could affect a person’s life in many ways. For example, employers may be discouraged from offering a job to someone with a criminal conviction, particularly for an alcohol-related offense such as DUI. This type of offense could also harm a person’s education endeavors, potentially causing someone to fail to get into their school of choice, or miss out on scholarship and grant opportunities. Lastly, with the stresses the come with fighting a DUI offense, personal relationships can also be strained.

How can an Attorney Minimize the Impact of a Drinking and Driving Offense?

The goal of any attorney representing the defense in a criminal case is to resolve their case without a conviction. Considering the many ways a DUI conviction could impact a person’s future, an attorney would try their best to have a person’s case resolve in the most favorable manner possible. In situations involving multiple offenses or a more serious charge, such as a DUI resulting in an accident or fatality, the chances of avoiding a conviction are often not favorable. Under such circumstances, an attorney would try their best to minimize the consequences by engaging in plea negotiations with the prosecutor.

Ability of an Employer to Verify a Past DUI Conviction

Many employers require their employees to immediately report if they have been arrested for a DUI. Other companies go based off their human resources department, meaning that they may have a policy requiring arrested employees to report their offense within a week. There are a number of different reporting requirements across the board based on where they work, who they work for, and what their job responsibilities are.

Obtaining a Driver’s License in Another State

When an individual has a pending DUI offense in another state, they would find it difficult to obtain a permit to drive or a license. Most states will not issue a license to someone with a pending DUI in another state.  However, these types of matters depend on the state their applying to, but individuals would most likely not be able to obtain a license in another state due to the requirement for a person to have an valid license in their home state. If a person has been convicted, they would have to serve their suspension prior to going to another state and trying to get a license.

Informing an Insurance Company about a DUI Arrest

The requirement to inform an insurance company of a DUI arrest depends on whether or not the offense resulted in an accident. If the offense did not result in an accident, the arrested individual does not have a duty to tell their insurance company of their arrest. On the other hand, if an accident is the end result, then they would have to cooperate with their insurer and inform them of the DUI.

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A criminal offense of any kind could have a detrimental effect on a person’s life. In the event of a DUI charge, a person could find themselves in a position where they would have to inform their employer of the charge, and potentially lose their employment.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI, reach out to our attorneys at Hawkins Spizman today to learn more about life after a DUI arrest in DeKalb County.


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