Trial Calendars for DUI Offenses in DeKalb County

Going to trial for any type of criminal offense is a nerve-wracking and stressful experience. There is no way to know for sure what the court is going to decide, but the only thing you can do is to properly prepare for trial by hiring a professional attorney to help you build a defense.

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When Would a DUI Case Go to Trial?

A DUI case might go to trial if the best offer that a prosecutor makes to a Defendant to resolve the case without a trial is not one they are willing to accept. Cases go to trial for different reasons. Some individuals may feel that the evidence that they are facing is not substantial enough to prove that they violated the law. There may also be a fundamental disagreement with the perspective or assessment of the case causing someone to believe that they are better off taking their chances in court with a jury, rather than pleading guilty. However, by going to trial, an individual is putting their fate in the hands of a jury who may not always produce a favorable decision.

How are DUI Cases Resolved Before Trial?

Cases are resolved before they ever make it to trial in a few ways. One is through a negotiated outcome with the prosecutor. They may accept a lesser offense, which means there is some level of responsibility that they will have to take in terms of classes, fines, community service, and probation. If they can come to a negotiated resolution, then there would be no need for a trial.

In addition to that, if there are any legal issues where the police did not follow proper procedure, the case could result in a evidence being suppressed, or a judge granting a motion to dismiss the case.

How to Prepare for Trial

Any individual preparing for trial should dress properly to demonstrate an overall respect for the court system.  If the defendant has any tattoos, they should cover them up. If they have any strange piercings, they should take them out. A person should make sure the jury does not pass judgment for something that is irrelevant to whether the State can prove they violated the law.

Defendants should also sit close to their lawyer with a notepad and appear to be engaged. If they have anything to share with their lawyer, they should write it down. They are going to hear things they do not like to hear and they need to be careful about reacting, so no deep sighs or breaths or throwing arms in the air. These are not the types of things the judge wants to see during trial, and can alienate jurors.

Call a Lawyer for Help

If your case is on a trial calendar for a DUI offense in DeKalb County, that is something that you should take very seriously. A criminal conviction of any kind could prove to have an overwhelmingly negative impact on your ability to land a job or simply live a normal life. These types of matters do not resolve themselves, and if they do, they will not end in your favor if you have been charged. Considering what is at stake, call an experienced attorney right away for help if you have been charged.


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