Jail Penalties for a DUI Offense in DeKalb County

When a person is sentenced to jail for a DUI offense in DeKalb County, they may lose out on almost all of their civil rights. In addition, the current conditions of DeKalb County jails are well below standards and could cause those afflicted with pre-existing conditions to suffer while serving their jail sentence. Considering the harsh life associated with jail time and the long-term negative consequences a person could experience because of their incarceration, it is wise to work with an experienced DUI attorney. A lawyer could help you avoid the jail penalties for a DUI offense in DeKalb County by building a convincing defense on your behalf.

Common Facts about DeKalb County Jails

When a person is arrested in DeKalb County, they EW usually taken to the County jail. If a person is arrested within a city by city police, they may be taken to the city jail. The jail in DeKalb County is not pleasant. It is not the most efficient establishment and compared to other jails, it is one of the nastier ones. When someone is looking at jail penalties for a DUI offense in DeKalb County, they should contact an accomplished lawyer as soon as possible.

Access to Medical Resources

Jails typically have access to medical resources such as physicians, nurses, and mental health providers. However, because everything is process-oriented, a person may be required to fill out multiple forms in order to see a doctor. In addition, medical care is usually below acceptable standards. Some inmates have had unpleasant experiences because of the pre-existing medical condition that that jail cannot care for since they do not have the capacity to do so.

DUI Penalties Involving Jail Time

The penalties for a DUI offense depend on the circumstances of the crime. A first DUI conviction may carry a jail sentence of ten days in jail. If a person is convicted for a DUI more than once, the penalties would increase with each conviction. For example, for a second conviction, a person may be sentenced to 90 days in jail. A judge may suspend time in jail, but that would depend on the nature of the offense, the charges, the number of prior DUI’s and the mitigation.

Access to Arrest Records

Preliminary police reports are always available to the general public as a matter of right under the Open Records Act. It might not be possible to get a video or video arrest or something similar, but a person may be able to obtain the bare minimum police report.

The consequences of an arrest could impact a person’s ability to get a professional license or a job. An individual should do everything possible to avoid an arrest. When someone is arrested, that information is public record or is made public until the case is resolved.

Hire a Legal Aid to Combat a DeKalb County DUI Accusation

If you have been accused of drinking and driving, you may be facing jail time depending on the circumstances of your offense. Considering the negative notoriety of DeKalb County jails, it is imperative that you hire a legal aid to help you fight against a DUI charge. Not only could jail time impact your immediate future, but it may have significant consequences on your life after serving your sentence. With this in mind, reach out to an attorney to learn more about how you could avoid jail penalties for a DUI offense in DeKalb County.


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