Impact a DUI can Have on a CDL in DeKalb County

The impact a DUI conviction can have on a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in DeKalb County is serious. Even an arrest for a DUI could cause the charged commercial driver to temporarily lose their CDL, impacting their ability to earn a living. Even a simple arrest could derail a person’s life.

So much is at stake when a commercial driver is arrested for a drinking and driving offense. As a result, you should not take this matter lightly if you have been charged. For legal help, get in touch with the attorneys at Hawkins Spizman.

How can DUI Charges Impact a Driver’s Employment Even if They are Not Convicted?

Even if a person is not convicted, merely getting arrested for a DUI can cause their CDL to be suspended. If there is an administrative action against their CDL, they could lose their CDL during the process of fighting their DUI. Even an arrest could have a disastrous impact on their ability to maintain a CDL since it would impact the arrested person’s livelihood. Considering what is at stake, charged individuals should get in touch with an attorney for help and guidance.

How Do Courts Typically Treat CDL DUI Cases?

The court system takes a serious approach when handling a DUI case impacting a commercial license. Drivers with this type of license are held to a higher standard in comparison to other drivers since they are responsible for transporting heavy cargo that, if handled irresponsibly, could result in a major accident. As a result, any act of carelessness, such as a DUI, could mean that the driver is not responsible enough to handle a task of this magnitude.

What are the Consequences Against CDL Holders if Charged with a DUI?

Commercial drivers convicted of a DUI could face various types of penalties. For instance, the criminal penalties not only require a suspension or loss of a license, but they will be required to pay fines or serve some time in jail. In addition, there will be a requirement to attend driver’s education courses. A commercial driver could lose their license for one year if convicted for the first time. For a subsequent offense, the suspension could be much more severe, including a lifetime loss of commercial driving privileges.

Get in Touch with a DUI Attorney in DeKalb County Today

One of the main strategies for an attorney handling a DUI case is to minimize the severity of the penalties. If the DUI is dismissed or reduced, it is possible that there may not be an impact on the individual’s driver’s license. However, to have the opportunity to obtain this type of result, it is strongly urged that you get in touch with an attorney about your case. A lawyer familiar with the impact a DUI can have on a CDL in DeKalb County could work tirelessly to resolve the case in a favorable manner.


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