DeKalb County First-Offense DUI License Suspension

When someone is charged with a DUI, they will likely face a suspension of their driver’s license. This is true even if it is the person’s first DUI offense. If you are facing a DeKalb County first-offense DUI license suspension, contact a seasoned lawyer. An experienced first-offense DUI attorney could fight for you and help you restore your driving privileges. Call today and set up a consultation.

What to Do After a DUI Arrest

Most times, if someone refuses a breath test or if they take a breath test and it is above the legal limit following a DUI stop, the police officer will take their driver’s license and will give the individual a document to drive, which is called a DDS-1205. The DDS-1205 is initiating an administrative action against one’s driver’s license. Therefore, it is critical for the individual to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible because they only have 30 days to file paperwork to retain their driving privileges.

If they do not file paperwork within 30 days, they will lose their license. There are no exceptions, which is why the person should retain a lawyer in order to file a request for a hearing soon after the arrest. The hearing will determine whether the individual can legally continue to drive.

If the defendant is convicted of a DUI, the DUI conviction must be reported to the Department of Driver Services, which then takes a separate action against the driver’s license.

How to Challenge Suspension After First-Time DUI in DeKalb

Someone can challenge the suspension of their license after a first-time DUI in DeKalb if they get a lawyer to send in a request for a hearing on the matter. They must mail in a $150 check to the Department of Driver Services as well as a specific letter indicating an individual’s rights to a hearing, which will then be scheduled 30 to 60 days away in front of an administrative license judge.

Of course, a DUI suspension can be avoided by preventing a DUI conviction. People facing a DeKalb County County first-offense DUI license suspension should obtain a lawyer who could help them prepare a strong defense.

License Return Process After an Acquittal

If someone is found not guilty of a DUI, then they are eligible to go back to the Department of Driver Services and show proof that they were found to be not guilty or the case was dismissed. The Department of Driver Services will then reissue them a driver’s license if there are no other issues. A common mistake is showing reticence to hire an accomplished DUI attorney. Hiring a quality lawyer may cost more up front, but will save the individual money in the long run. Some of the consequences of a DUI conviction besides a license suspension include:

  • A rise in insurance premiums
  • Lost job opportunities
  • Expensive fines

Call About First-Offense DUI License Suspensions in DeKalb County

DUI charges can be overwhelming and you might not know what steps to take next to protect your future. Fortunately, a dedicated lawyer could stand by your side and fight for you after your arrest. Call today if you are facing a DeKalb County first-offense DUI license suspension.


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