Oral Conditions Affecting a DeKalb County DUI Breath Test

Breath tests are intended to be used for the purpose of accurately measuring a person’s blood alcohol level. However, these tests are known to be impacted by several conditions, including a person’s oral conditions.

If you believe that your oral conditions affected a DUI breath test, you should reach out to a trusted criminal attorney. By retaining a DeKalb County lawyer, you may be able to successfully challenge the legitimacy of the breath test results. To get started, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

Can Alcohol-Based Products Affect a Person’s Breath Test Results?

Alcohol-based products like cough syrup or mouthwash can affect the person’s breath through residual mouth alcohol. If they take something and put in their mouth that has alcohol in it, and then they blow into a machine, that could potentially impact a breath test. If a person also consumed something that had small doses of alcohol in it, their BAC level could be impacted.

Although breath test machines have built in safeguards that would protect from accidentally picking up alcohol levels from mouthwash and cough syrup, they don’t always work. An attorney could challenge the legitimacy of a test by arguing that external factors may have contributed to a person’s results.

How could a Person’s Teeth Affect a DeKalb County Breath Test?

A person’s teeth may affect a breath test if they have dentures. Alcohol can get stuck in the oral cavity, and in doing so, it can impact the accuracy of the breath test results by falsely including mouth alcohol.  A breath test should be able to measure deep lung air only, but the nature of breath testing will always be at risk because the sample is blown from the lungs through the mouth and into the machine.

Valuable Information That Should be Shared with a DUI Attorney

When meeting with a defense attorney for the first time, individuals should bring any information detailing any medical conditions they might have. In addition, charged individuals should also mention any issues with the breath testing process, such as any alternative or strange experience that might have occurred during the process. For example, the person may have experienced an incident of acid refluz after a heavy meal, or a police radio may have caused interference causing the result to be falsely high.

Benefits of Obtaining Legal Guidance

When charged with a criminal offense of any kind, the best thing to do is obtain legal guidance as soon as possible. In regards to a DUI offense, it is wise to inform your attorney of how law enforcement concluded that your blood alcohol was above the legal limit at the time of your arrest. A DeKalb County attorney could examine all aspects of the strategies used to charge you with DUI, such as any oral conditions that could have impacted a breath test. To learn more about challenging such a test using this specific strategy, reach out to a criminal defense attorney today.


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