DUI Drugs and Alcohol Mixed Together in DeKalb County

Taking drugs at the same time as the consumption of alcohol could cause someone’s level of impairment to go far beyond the effects of just consuming alcohol or a drug on its own. Individuals charged with DUI for both drugs and alcohol could find themselves the subject of serious criminal penalties if nothing is done to mitigate the circumstances.

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Does the Mix of Drugs and Alcohol Impact a Person’s Case?

The mixing of drugs and alcohol affects the way a DUI case is prosecuted. A person can be charged for being under the influence of both alcohol and drugs, meaning that the prosecution would have the burden to prove that a person was impaired by both alcohol and some type of drug.

Combining alcohol and drugs could cause a significant level of impairment. In some cases, alcohol may increase the impact of a drug of medication. As a result, an individual could be charged with the notion that the alcohol did not impair them, nor did a drug, but the combination of both did.

Impact on Defense Strategies

Defending a case in which a person is accused of being under the influence of both alcohol and drugs is not easy. Just as the prosecution has to focus on proving both substances impaired a person’s abilities, the defense must also refute these elements. These types of cases are challenging to litigate because it is clear that alcohol increases the effects of certain drugs, especially prescription drugs. Part of the defense attorney’s role is to get the best possible outcome for the defendant, but just the mere presence of alcohol could complicate the desired result of a case. Under such circumstances, an attorney would try to lessen the severity of the potential penalties as much as possible.

Safe Doses of Prescription Drugs Combined with Alcohol

A safely-prescribed dose of prescription drugs mixed with one or two drinks could get somebody into DUI trouble very easily. Most prescription medications have specific language regarding drinking and introducing alcohol. Most people that are regularly taking these types of drugs should be very careful about mixing alcohol with them. Those who have questions and concerns regarding this combination should speak with a pharmacist or their prescribing physician and ask them if it is safe to drink while taking the medication, find out how long the medication stays in their system, and ask if it impairs them.

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The mixing of alcohol and drugs unexpectedly could impair a person’s ability to drive. As a result, the law will try to prosecute someone if they engage in this type of activity, thus hiring an attorney if charged is an action is vital towards avoiding the serious consequences following a conviction.

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