DeKalb County Marijuana DUI Lawyer

If a prosecutor can prove that a person had marijuana in their system while driving and it impaired their ability to operate a motor vehicle, then they can be convicted of a drug-related DUI. Marijuana DUI cases are unique because it is not hard to prove due to the fact that marijuana stays in a person’s system for a long time.

However, just because a person tests positive for marijuana does not mean they are impaired. In fact, there is only a small window of time that a person can be impaired by marijuana. A person who smoked a week ago is not going to be under the influence of marijuana. They still have to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that they are a less capable driver because of that marijuana that they smoked however long ago.

If you are facing marijuana DUI charges, reach out to a dedicated DUI drug attorney. Let a DeKalb County marijuana DUI lawyer fight for you.

Importance of Contacting a Defense Lawyer Right Away

When someone is arrested for a marijuana DUI charge, they should obtain an experienced lawyer right away. There are crucial things that a lawyer could help someone with immediately. For instance, an attorney may recommend a blood test rather than waiting.

There are defenses and important steps that lawyers will advise the defendant to take immediately after an arrest that can assist them in resolving these cases favorably. If a lawyer is not obtained as soon as possible, then there could be mistakes made that could harm one’s defense.

Marijuana DUI Penalties

If the prosecution can prove that there is marijuana in the person’s system and it impaired their ability to drive, then the defendant could be facing penalties and long-term consequences.

The potential penalties for marijuana DUI are the same as with all DUIs, which could include expensive fines and possible jail time. The only difference in a marijuana DUI case is that their driver’s license suspension is six months if they are convicted. The defendant does not get a permit to drive like they would for alcohol-related DUIs. Individuals facing penalties should reach out to a seasoned marijuana DUI lawyer in DeKalb County who could help build a strong defense.

How Are Marijuana DUI Cases Different From Alcohol-Based Cases?

Marijuana DUI cases are different from alcohol-based DUI cases, especially when it comes to the evidence. Marijuana DUI cases is a different type of investigation. In these cases, blood and urine evidence is much more important. Proving impairment due to drugs is more difficult than alcohol.

For marijuana DUI cases, there are a different set of field sobriety tests that the police officers are going to investigate. Also, marijuana DUIs do not present the same manifestation as alcohol. It is not a central nervous system depressant like alcohol. A person under the influence of marijuana is not going to show slurred speech, watery eyes, or have the odor of alcohol on them.

A Gwinnett County Marijuana DUI Attorney Could Help

When someone is facing marijuana DUI charges, they should contact a lawyer who has familiarity with these cases who could help fight these allegations. If someone gets convicted of a marijuana DUI offense, they are looking at serious long-term consequences. Call a DeKalb County marijuana DUI lawyer today to get started on your case.


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