DUI Drug Arrests in DeKalb County

When a person is pulled over and suspected of driving under the influence, law enforcement will try to determine what type of substance causing the driver’s impairment. If it is discovered that a drug was consumed by the driver, they would be arrested and charged with a DUI drugs.

If you currently find yourself in a this situation, reach out to one of our trusted attorneys at Hawkins Spizman experienced in dealing with DUI drug arrests in DeKalb County. An attorney could help you build a strong defense that could potentially help you avoid some of the harsher consequences that would come as a result of a conviction.

Are DUI Drug Arrests a Priority for DeKalb Law Enforcement Officers?

DUI drug arrests for law enforcement officers have become an increasing priority. When someone is driving down a street and law enforcement sees evidence of impaired driving ability, they have no clue if it is alcohol or if it is drugs that is affecting their ability to drive. Therefore, they will pull the person over to determine what may be causing their driving behavior.

What Kinds of Field Sobriety Tests are Administered During a DUI Drug Investigation?

There is a particular battery of tests that are administered during a DUI drug investigation. In most cases, law enforcement would conduct a series of general standardized field tests, which are the horizontal gaze nystagmus (eye test), the walk and turn, and the one leg stand. In addition, they may do a “drug recognition evaluation” to determine the category of drugs the person has ingested. They could do a test called the Romberg in which an individual has to tilt their head back, close their eyes, and estimate 30 seconds. This would allow the police officer to see what an individual’s internal clock is doing, whether it is moving fast or slow.  Although not terribly scientific, this test could assist a law enforcement officer in determining whether the suspect has ingested a stimulant or a depressant.

Are Marijuana-Related Drug Cases Different from Other DUI Cases in DeKalb?

Marijuana-related drug cases are different from other DUI cases in DeKalb. The manner in which the police officer investigates them and the manner in which the prosecutor tries to prove them are different in marijuana cases than in alcohol cases. With marijuana, they are looking for maybe an odor in the car. They are not looking to someone’s breath to try and determine if they smell like they have been drinking.

DeKalb regulations or attitudes have influenced the way marijuana-related cases are handled. Some people are taking a more relaxed view about marijuana and the role that it plays in our society. What once used to be more of a taboo subject matter is becoming more prevalent in terms of an acceptable drug to be dealing with.

Additionally, many juries, judges, and prosecutors are becoming less concerned with prosecuting marijuana charges. Although there is still an element of concern for impaired driving, they are starting to look at marijuana with a similar attitude and category as alcohol, which also used to be considered taboo.

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A conviction of any kind could cause significant damage to a person’s reputation. However, as it relates to a DUI drug arrest, people may have a negative outlook because of this type of conviction. This type of impression could have an impact on a person’s ability to obtain employment or housing, or other benefits.

The importance of retaining legal assistance to deal with DUI drug arrests in DeKalb County cannot be understated. Schedule a consultation today if you have been charged and to get your life back on track.


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