DUI Court Dates in DeKalb County

When a person is released from the DeKalb County jail, they are usually released with documents that indicate when they are to appear in court. In DeKalb it is usually at least 2 months away if the case is filed in the State Court of DeKalb County.  For municipal court in DeKalb County, the initial court date is often sooner.

For more insight regarding DUI court dates in DeKalb County, be sure to speak with a seasoned attorney by scheduling a consultation.

How Could a Person Change a Court Date in DeKalb County?

In order to move a court date, some courts are more willing to continue a case where the defendant has to retain an attorney.  Furthermore, an attorney would have the ability to try to work with the court to get the date moved in favor of the defendant. There could be some challenges in moving a court date, but an attorney is willing to advocate on behalf of the charged individual to get them the date that would not interfere with work, family, travel, or other commitments.

Consequences of Missing a DUI Court Date

There are two consequences of failing to appear in court. The first consequence is that a warrant for the person’s arrest would likely be issued. Secondly, their driver’s license would likely be suspended since the case the failure to appear is reported to the Georgia Department of Driver Services. If a person is arrested for failure to appear, they would generally be held in jail with no bond until they are brought before a judge on the original charges, and the charge of failure to appear. DeKalb County courts are very reasonable in terms of moving court dates around. However, the matter could quickly become more complicated should a court date be missed.

DUI Charges Against Out-of-State Drivers

If someone is from out-of-state, they have the option to pursue changing the court date to a time that is more feasible for travel. However, out-of-state drivers may not have to appear in court if they have an attorney who could advocate on their behalf if it is allowed by the judge.  The lawyers at Hawkins Spizman frequently represent out-of-state drivers in DeKalb County, and in some cases, can handle the court appearance without having the Defendant present.  This is generally done with a Plea in Absentia, or by Power of Attorney granted to act on behalf of the Defendant.

It is important to keep in mind that most judges would require a person from out-of-state to be in court to resolve the case, whether it be trial or a motion hearing where evidence is taken. It is vital that out-of-state drivers retain the services of an attorney so that their case can be handled in the best way possible.

Importance of Retaining an Experienced Attorney

When accused of DUI in DeKalb county, it is important to retain the services of a legal professional as soon as possible. A lawyer could provide assistance with moving a court date, as well as providing proper representation for accused out-of-state drivers. Failing to retain an attorney could make it difficult to have a court date changed or modified.

To learn more about DUI court dates in DeKalb County, be sure to schedule a consultation today. Doing so could have a positive impact on the outcome of your case.


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