DUI Classes in DeKalb County

The requirement to take the DUI “Risk Reduction Program” class following a conviction may seem like a heavy burden and a nuisance, but since it is necessary to get your drivers license reinstated, this option should not be passed up and convicted individuals should take advantage of this opportunity as much as possible.

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What is the Risk Reduction Program?

Alcohol education courses are meant to educate people regarding the impact that alcohol can have on their lives and how it interacts with their body. DUI school is only mandatory if they are convicted of a DUI, or if it is ordered by the court in other driving offenses. In many cases, it is wise to proactively try to assist in negotiating a positive outcome by volunteering to go to the Risk Reduction Program, but the course is mandatory if convicted of DUI.

Important Things to Know about Mandated DUI Courses

The State of Georgia reviews the DUI programs and then approves the mandatory curriculum. Once the curriculum has been established, the state will approve private companies to conduct the courses.

Individuals required to take a DUI class should understand that there are no online options available, meaning that presentation and participation is mandatory for all DUI classes. If they do not show up on time, they could be excluded from taking the course. It should also be mentioned that DUI school and defensive driving courses are not the same. If a person has been charged and convicted of a DUI, they are to attend the respective DUI course called the Risk Reduction Program and not the Defensive Driving course.

What Kind of Educational Materials are Used in the DUI Course?

The educational materials used in DUI courses are a mix of statistics and personal experience. The program is the same throughout the State and is 20 hours long. This class outlines the effects of alcohol and how it can impact the body, as well as how it can impair a person’s ability to drive. Statistics are shown to demonstrate the severity of these types of accidents. For example, the most common data shown is regarding death and injury. There have also been instances in which speakers have shared their experiences with drinking and driving.

Consult with a Legal Advocate for Help

If you have been charged with driving under the influence and are worried about a potential conviction, get in touch with an attorney for more insight regarding the the requirements of the DUI Class. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to attend DUI classes in DeKalb County as a way to maintain your license privileges.

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