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If you or someone you love is facing serious charges on a university or college campus, it is vital to bear in mind that these cases are often very different from traditional criminal investigations and court appearances. Contact a Cobb County student defense lawyer today if you are searching for guidance that could help you to potentially mitigate the damage these charges could cause. A skilled criminal attorney would evaluate the facts surrounding your case and help you mount the most powerful defense possible.

Types of Student Defense Cases in Cobb County

There are numerous charges that could arise for students on a college campus or at a university. Some cases are internal only and involve allegations of a student code violation at school, whereas others could involve an arrest for alleged criminal conduct. Furthermore, some student defense cases involve administrative student disciplinary hearings regarding matters which could also be the subject of a criminal investigation in the future.

For example, students charged with a DUI could also be subjected to disciplinary measures at their school, and a Cobb County student defense lawyer could help them navigate both of these areas. On the other hand, allegations such as sexual assault could begin as a school disciplinary matter and also become a criminal case.

Student defense matters a Cobb County lawyer could assist with include:

  • Cyberbullying
  • DUIs
  • Sexual assault/rape
  • Sexual harassment/misconduct
  • Underage drinking and fake IDs
  • Weapon offenses

Under 21 Drivers Could Face Harsher Penalties

Students under 21 years old could face more severe penalties for specific offenses under Georgia law. As an example, motorists under the age of 21 charged with a DUI or other serious traffic violation would face less forgiving consequences than drivers who are over the age of 21. For instance, while a per se DUI for over 21 drivers involves a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08, a per se DUI for under 21 drivers is 0.02 under Code of Georgia §40-6-391.

If someone is convicted of a DUI under 21, their license would be suspended for a minimum of six months. If their BAC is 0.08 or higher, they would incur a one-year license suspension. For under 21 drivers, convictions for the following types of offenses would lead to an automatic six-month license suspension:

  • Racing
  • Leaving the scene of a hit and run or crash
  • Reckless or aggressive driving
  • Fleeing a police officer
  • Any four point violation
  • Improper passing on a curve or hill
  • Exceeding the posted speed limit by 24 miles per hour or more
  • DUI
  • Purchasing alcohol illegally

Set up a Case Consultation with a Cobb County Student Defense Attorney

Cases involving a student disciplinary hearing require extensive preparation between the attorney and the accused student. A case could be brought in regular criminal court either parallel to the student hearing process or after it is done. A lawyer who regularly handles student defense cases in Cobb County could ensure that the student’s constitutional rights are protected in a potential criminal proceeding while litigating a student hearing at the same time.

An experienced criminal attorney would prepare the student with a thorough understanding of the limitations of the student judicial system. A lawyer would work hard to protect the student as much as possible from prosecution in a criminal court and to achieve the best possible results in the student judicial process.

Considering the possible multitude of negative repercussions that could ensue when someone is facing serious charges on campus or disciplinary hearings, it is wise to be proactive and seek out a strong legal advocate. Call the office today to learn more about how a Cobb County student defense lawyer could help you to lodge an effective defense for your case.


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