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Every state has unique laws that determine how residents are permitted to purchase, own, and use an array of firearms. While the firearm control laws in the state of Georgia are considered to be somewhat rigid than in a number of other states, there are still restrictions in place and it is possible for firearms charges to be lodged against a citizen. It is vital that anyone facing such grave allegations in Cobb County consult immediately with a Cobb County gun lawyer to protect their foundational rights.

When it comes to defending the accused against charges in connection with the use, ownership, or possession of a firearm, it is critical to enlist the representation of a seasoned criminal attorney who could provide the zealous advocacy needed.

Common Gun Charges

Georgia law places certain limits on the specific types of weapons that residents can and cannot possess legally. In addition, there are certain categories of individuals who are barred from owning firearms at all, such as:

  • Individuals convicted of felonies
  • Individuals convicted of drug offenses
  • Fugitives from the law
  • Individuals convicted of having guns in school zones or certain public places
  • Individuals under the age of 18
  • Individuals who have been hospitalized because of mental health issues or for drug/alcohol addiction
  • Individuals who are in the process of felony criminal proceedings

There are numerous other charges which could be leveled against a Cobb County resident for other gun-related offenses, such as pointing a loaded or unloaded firearm at someone else, carrying a revolver or pistol without a license, or carrying a weapon that is not in the full view of others. Someone with alleged possession of a stolen firearm, gun trafficking, and other kinds of offenses could also lead to a firearm charge in Cobb County.

The penalties associated with a firearms charge could be very serious, leading to terms of probation, costly fines, periods of imprisonment, and difficult obtaining and maintaining gainful employment. This is why a resolute legal defense from a gun lawyer in Cobb County is essential whenever charges of this nature are brought.

Possible Penalties

Besides the potential damage to personal reputation and costly fines, the penalties associated with being found guilty of a gun charge in Cobb County could be extremely challenging to bear. While some gun offenses are categorized as misdemeanors with penalties including comparatively low fines and a maximum 12 month’s imprisonment, others could incur serious losses of personal liberty, making it paramount that a Cobb County gun lawyer is consulted.

The possession of a prohibited weapon class, for example, could result in upwards of five year’s incarceration. Second or additional convictions for gun charges could also lead to enhanced prison sentences of up to five year’s incarceration, and using a weapon during the commission of certain types of felonies could lead to further and distinct felony charges. Subsequent offenses of this type could lead to prison terms upwards of 10 years.

Furthermore, the failure to present a valid concealed carry license or hunting license while carrying a gun in Cobb County could incur criminal consequences, and would typically be categorized as a misdemeanor offense. With that said, deliberately altering a valid concealed carry license constitutes a felony, which could be punishable by up to five year’s imprisonment.

Seek Legal Counsel from a Cobb County Gun Attorney

If you are facing charges for alleged violations of any of Georgia’s laws regarding the purchase and carry of a firearm, it would be in your best interests to seek the legal counsel of a Cobb County gun lawyer immediately. An attorney could help you understand both the state and federal laws that apply to our case, and could work alongside you to defend your rights under the second amendment.

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