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Whether you receive a traffic citation or a criminal charge, you will receive a date and time on which you must appear in court. If you miss your scheduled court date, you likely will face adverse consequences, including a bench warrant for your arrest. A Cobb County failure to appear lawyer can be vital to your efforts to successfully resolve your failure to appear in court.

While the procedures for addressing a failure to appear may differ according to the jurisdiction, you always should take steps to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Failing to handle this situation properly can lead to many unanticipated and unwanted consequences. A skilled attorney may be able to minimize the impact of a failure to appear on your life.

Bench Warrants and Failure to Appear in Court

When individuals fail to appear in court, the judge will issue a bench warrant for their arrest. A bench warrant results in the names of the individuals being placed in a statewide computer system for law enforcement officials. As a result, if individuals later are stopped by police while driving or are in an accident, they would likely be subject to arrest on the bench warrant.

Once defendants are arrested on the warrant, police will transport them to jail, where they must post bail before being released. They also will receive a new time and date to appear in court.

Some courts will allow individuals to arrange with the court to come in and pay bail before they are arrested on their bench warrants. Doing so can result in the court recalling the bench warrant. A failure to appear lawyer in Cobb County may be able to give defendants more information about whether this is a possible resolution in their cases.

Driver’s License Suspension and Failure to Appear

Another common consequence of failing to appear in court on a traffic citation is a driver’s license suspension. Under Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. r. 375-3-3-.12, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) shall suspend the license of anyone who fails to respond to a citation to appear in court on any traffic violation other than a parking violation. The suspension will go into effect 28 days following the notice that the DDS issues to individuals in this situation.

Although individuals can request an administrative hearing through DDS to challenge the suspension, if the court verifies that they failed to appear in court as ordered, the suspension is likely to remain in place. The suspension will remain in place until persons take the appropriate actions to pay their fines and resolve the matter before the court. After that, the court will recall any warrants and give individuals the documentation necessary to reinstate their driver’s licenses.

The suspension of driving privileges only compounds the existing problems of a failure to appear in court. For instance, if the police pull over individuals for another traffic violation, they likely will be subject to arrest on a bench warrant but also can face new charges for driving while suspended. As the penalties for driving while suspended can be severe, individuals facing this situation may wish to consult a failure to appear attorney in Cobb County immediately for advice.

Call a Cobb County Failure to Appear Attorney for Guidance

In some cases, you may have a legitimate reason for failing to appear in court, such as a medical emergency. If this is your situation, then you should bring documentation of your circumstances to court with you to resolve the matter. If you have no such excuse, however, a Cobb County failure to appear lawyer may be able to help.

The exact procedures for resolving a failure to appear in court can differ from one court to the next. However, legal counsel with experience in these cases will have the knowledge that you need to address the matter. By being proactive and taking steps to handle the situation, you may be more likely to achieve a favorable resolution to your case with minimum disruption to your life.


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