Alpharetta Sex Crimes Lawyer

It can be overwhelming to be facing criminal charges and possible prosecution for a sex offense. Considering the severity of the penalties for a sex crime conviction, accused individuals may be extremely worried about their future. Fortunately, those facing such a charge may be able to combat the accusations made against them.

If you have been accused of committing a sex-related criminal offense, it is imperative that you reach out to a trusted criminal attorney. An Alpharetta sex crimes lawyer could safeguard your legal rights, such as the right to a fair trial, and fight to secure an optimal outcome in your case.

Common Examples of Sex Offenses

Sex offenses incapsulate numerous illegal activities. Individuals accused of committing the following crimes could be subject to criminal consequences:

  • Rape and statutory rape
  • Aggravated sodomy
  • Sexual battery
  • Child molestation
  • Public indecency
  • Prostitution
  • Pimping or pandering

Another type of sex offense for which a person could face criminal charges and prosecution in Alpharetta is sexual assault by persons with supervisory or disciplinary authority. In such cases, consent of the alleged victim is not a valid legal defense. A person accused of committing this crime should enlist the services of an Alpharetta sex crimes lawyer for help with developing an appropriate defense strategy to this charge, as well as to criminal charges for other types of sex offenses.

Potential Penalties for a Sex-Related Offense

The criminal sanctions vary for different types of sex offenses in Alpharetta. A conviction for rape could result in a sentence as severe as life imprisonment with no possibility of parole. In some cases, a capital punishment could even be imposed.

Other minor sex offenses, such as public indecency, may be charged as a misdemeanor if it is only a first or second offense. The sanctions for a misdemeanor include a fine of $1,000 and a sentence of up to 12 months in jail. Third or subsequent offenses could be punishable as felonies with a sentence of one to five years in prison.

Sex Offender Registration in Alpharetta

Individuals convicted of certain types of sexual offenses are required to register on the state sex offender registry in Alpharetta. Some sex crimes requiring registration include aggravated sexual battery, rape and statutory rape, child molestation, and possession of child pornography. Failure to register as required by law could result in additional criminal sanctions.

It is possible for an individual to petition to be removed from the state sex offender registry if certain conditions and requirements are met. An Alpharetta criminal attorney could explain the criteria for potentially being removed from the sex offender registry.

Contact an Alpharetta Sex Crimes Attorney for Assistance

Attempting to fight criminal charges for a sex crime on your own can be both overwhelming and challenging. An Alpharetta sex crimes lawyer could alleviate the burden of representing yourself by serving as your advocate and fighting the charges on your behalf.

When you are legally represented by someone who understands sex offense laws, the likelihood of being handed a favorable verdict could increase. Contact an attorney for assistance with your case.


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