Alpharetta Extortion Lawyer

Extortion involves the use of force or threats to obtain money or property belonging to someone else. Being convicted of extortion in Alpharetta is likely to result in serving time in prison. Let an Alpharetta extortion lawyer provide legal assistance if you are either under investigation for extortion or have already been formally charged.

Being represented by an aggressive fraud attorney could mean having someone on your side who understands both extortion laws and the legal system fighting for your best interests. A legal aid could safeguard your constitutional rights and vigorously defend you against criminal charges.

Theft by Extortion Laws in Alpharetta

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 16-8-16 identifies extortion as a form of theft that occurs when a person unlawfully obtains property belonging to another person by any of the following means:

  • Bringing about a strike or boycott
  • Inflicting bodily injury on a person
  • Accusing someone of committing a crime
  • Testifying or withholding testimony regarding another person’s legal claim or defense
  • Disseminating information that could subject another person to ridicule, contempt, or hatred or that would impair that person’s credit or business reputation
  • Taking or withholding action in one’s capacity as a public official or causing a public official to take or withhold action

One stipulation the law makes regarding certain actions that would normally constitute theft by extortion is that the money or property obtained was claimed as a valid form of compensation for lawful services that were provided or restitution for harm caused by the other person or party. For example, a home repair contractor charged with theft by extortion for threatening to file a civil lawsuit against a dissatisfied client who did not pay for services rendered could cite the provision of lawful services as a valid legal defense to the charges. An Alpharetta extortion lawyer could explain extortion laws in further detail and answer questions regarding whether or not specific actions constitute extortion.

Examples of Theft by Extortion Offenses

An example of theft by extortion would be one person threatening to accuse another of committing a crime such as stalking unless the other individual paid the first person a specified amount of money not to make the accusation. Threatening to spread damaging information about a business, whether real or false, is also an example of extortion if an individual demanded payment to remain silent. For instance, a disgruntled former restaurant employee threatening to publicly state the restaurant had a rodent problem unless the former employee received a large severance payment could be considered extortion.

Penalties for Theft by Extortion

The penalty for either pleading guilty to or being found guilty of extortion charges in Alpharetta is a period of imprisonment. The minimum prison term for extortion is one year, and the maximum term is ten years. An extortion lawyer in Alpharetta could explain what factors could contribute to a person being sentenced to the minimum versus the maximum prison term.

Consult an Alpharetta Extortion Attorney

It is not advisable to defend yourself against extortion charges. It could be to your advantage to hire an Alpharetta extortion lawyer who understands extortion laws and knows how to navigate the complicated legal system.

An attorney could also review the details of your case and prepare a relevant defense strategy to the charges you are facing. Additionally, an attorney could protect your legal rights during all phases of the legal process. Consult an extortion attorney about your case right away.


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